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strategy game

Strategize and discover the truth behind Tower in the Sky

Assemble your team and fight against evil in this new role-playing adventure.

Argh mateys, prepare to fight the undead in Braveland Pirate

Assemble your brave crew and get ready for battle in this new pirate adventure.

Slither your way to victory in Worms 4

The battle worms are back in this next installment of the fun game series.

Watch out for lasers and fireballs, be the Dodge Hero

Weave, move, and jump to avoid attacks from the creeps in this challenging new game.

Kiss Kiss Die! asks if you will sacrifice your friends

How much are you willing to lessen the strength of your friends to defeat the enemy in this new game of strategy?

Defend your nation and design rockets in Scapefall

Build, train, deploy, and design in this new game of strategy.

World of Tanks Blitz 1.10 update has finally rolled in

The new version of this strategic game of destruction brings much anticipated features.

New mobile strategy game Lara Croft Go announced

With the same type of gameplay as Hitman Go, this new game will have fans excited for its launch.

Solve the puzzle for a World of Tanks Blitz update teaser

What do you think the update to World of Tanks Blitz will include?

Help the cute, purple cat get revenge in the new adventure game Fluff Eaters

Bouncy the cat needs your help to get rid of those annoying Fluffs.

Plan ahead to create the longest chain possible in The Next Arrow

Challenge yourself and others to create the longest chain of arrows in this new puzzle game.

War Dragons 3-D real-time strategy game launches

Defend and conquer in a magical 3-D world with War Dragons.

Strategize, defend and conquer in the new DomiNations game

Get ready for a new combat strategy experience, DomiNations is full of great challenges and rewards.

Journey through a magical world in Phantom Rift, inspired by Mega Man Battle Network

Will you be charmed by the magical spell of this challenging strategic RPG game?

Become a Galaxy Legend for a chance to win a $10 iTunes gift card

Here's your chance to win a $10 iTunes gift card!

Can You Survive On Your Own In The Far Reaches Of Space? Find Out In Out There

It will take all of your resourcefulness to survive in this beautiful adventure set in the dark reaches of space.

Strategically Plan Your Assault In The Battle Arenas Of Demonrock: War Of Ages

Show the foes who's boss in this beautiful battle arena strategy game from Crescent Moon Games.

Help The Squirrels Reclaim Their Domain From The Beavers In Tree Wars

The squirrels need your help to fight the beavers in this epic war over the trees.

Draw The Path To Victory And Reclaim Your Homeland In Line Knight Fortix

Line Knight Fortix needs your help to reclaim his homeland in this bold line-drawing strategy game.

Classic Tic-Tac-Toe Gets Super Sized With A Strategic Twist In Tic Tactics

This isn't your grandmother's tic-tac-toe game.

Outwit And Swarm Your Opponent With Cells To Win In Pathogen

Inject and infect your way to victory in this addictive strategy game.

Will A Pair Of Scissors Beat A Dragon? Find Out In Rock Paper Missiles

Ever wish Rock Paper Scissors had a bit more "boom" to it? Your wishes just came true, thanks to Rock Paper Missiles.

Get A Strategic Mix Of Match-Three And RPG Action With Might & Magic Clash Of Heroes

Puzzle RPG fans rejoice! Might & Magic Clash of Heroes is finally here for your iOS device.

Robot Entertainment Reveals First iOS Title, Hero Academy

Robot Entertainment have officially announced their iOS debut title, Hero Academy.