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WWDC 2013 Student Scholarships Offer 150 Free Tickets To Student Devs

Student developers have the chance of winning one of 150 free WWDC 2013 tickets.

Need Some Organization This Semester? Erudio Can Help You Out

Students have a lot to keep track of. Erudio keeps your schedule and assignments together in one beautiful app on your iDevice.

Are Students With iPhones Smarter?

Students who own smartphones are much more likely to succeed, according to a new infographic, which we've linked to here.

Amazon Launches Dedicated Shopping App For Students — With Bonus Free Two-Day Shipping

Just in time for the beginning of the fall semester, Amazon just released a brand new shopping app dedicated to students.

Apple Launches New Webpages: Why An iOS Device Is Great For College

Apple has added three new webpages to the “Students” section of its website, outlining how a Mac, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad can help college students in their studies.

Grades 2 Helps Students Stay On Track For Success With Their iPhone

It's hard for students to keep track of what grades they need to do well in their classes. Fortunately, there's an app for that, and it's called Grades 2. Students should definitely be checking this app out if they want to track their progress through the semester.

BarMax, A $1,000 App For Law Students, Hits the iPad

An application for $1,000 that's actually a good deal? If you're a law student, check out this application, it will help save you money!