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Go back to school prepared to learn and study with these apps

Your back-to-school shopping won't be complete without some of these excellent apps.

Make This Your Best School Year Yet With The Help Of These Apps

Be a successful student with these helpful school preparation apps.

Study Confirms: AT&T's 4G LTE Network Is The Fastest In The US

AT&T's 4G LTE network is the fastest in the United States, while Verizon's is the most reliable, according to a recent study.

Use These Apps To Ace That Test

Never fail a test again with these apps.

New Study Claims 54 Percent Of Near-Term Smart Phone Buyers Looking To Get An iPhone 4S

A new study from ChangeWave claims that more than half of the potential smart phone customers in North America are planning on purchasing an iPhone 4S handset.

AppList Updated: Back To School Apps

Students everywhere heading back to school are looking for apps to help them get organized and do well in school. Be prepared, get your books, take notes, study, track grades, and more. Here are some of our favorite apps to help students be successful.

QuickAdvice: iProcrastinate for iPhone Keeps Students Organized And Sane

Are you a student or just someone looking for a nice little basic task manager? iProcrastinate may be what you're looking for. At a dollar, there isn't much to lose with this app. But is it worth checking out? Click through to learn more..

Rant: The Child Really Wants An iPhone

Experts are creating buzz by alleging that iPhones are the causing addictive behavior for toddlers. Why are experts so quick to blame the iPhone, which didn't smuggle itself into the toddler's grip?

Get 90% Of Required Textbooks On Your iPad And Save Up To 60%

Colleges across the U.S. are testing out the idea of using iPads in place of textbooks. Now, thanks to one company, you can get almost every textbook you need on your iPad in one handy app.

Observe Ramadan With The Help Of Your iPhone And iPad

For those who are not Muslim, you may not know that Ramadan has begun or even what it is. Many of those who are Muslim are observing this centuries-old tradition, and are doing so in a new way thanks to their iPhone or iPad.