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Is the iPad really the weakest link?

IDC has predicted the Apple iPad will become the weakest link in the tablet market. Could that be true?

Microsoft's New Surface Pro 3 Trade-In Scheme Targets MacBook Air Owners

Microsoft is hoping to convince MacBook Air owners to switch over to using a Surface Pro 3.

Microsoft Looks Set To Take On Apple's iPad mini With A Smaller Surface Tablet

It looks as if Microsoft is going to be launching a small-size tablet of its own.

Microsoft Once Again Takes Aim At Apple's iPad In New Surface Ads

Microsoft is taking aim at Apple's iPad in two new Surface 2 ads.

Despite Claiming Superiority, Microsoft's Excel Can't Even Handle Basic Math

Microsoft's Excel makes a terrible blunder in one new Surface ad.

Microsoft: Trade In Your iPad, Get $200 Towards A Surface Tablet

Microsoft is offering iPad users $200 in the hope that they might abandon iOS for Windows 8.

Logitech's FabricSkin Offers iPad Users A Microsoft Surface-Like Keyboard

Logitech's new iPad case takes a heap of inspiration from the Microsoft Surface.

On Black Friday, Customers Bought iPads Not Surfaces

At Mall of America, people were buying iPads. Microsoft was having a more difficult time unloading their new tablet, Surface.

One More Thing... Shapeshifting

Apple broke new ground with their heavy backing of touchscreen devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. These iDevices can visually reconfigure the controls for every application. Now, it looks like Apple is trying to break new ground yet again, in a big way.