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Zynga's Annual Words With Friends Valentine's Survey Shares Fun Stats On Player Preferences

Zynga is out with its third annual Words With Friends Valentine's Day survey, the results of which make for interesting reading.

Report Claims iPhone Owners Are Smarter Than Users Of Other Handsets

Does owning an iPhone make you smarter, or do smarter people tend to choose Apple's smartphone?

Majority Of US House Members Prefer Apple's iPhone Over BlackBerry And Android

At the south wing of the United States Capitol, the greater number of legislators prefer to use iPhones.

Survey Says iPhone Enjoys 95.7 Percent User Retention Rate

A new survey indicates Apple continues to dominate smartphone market- and mind-share.

Survey: 21 Percent Of iOS Users Wouldn't Switch Platforms For Any Price

A new survey reveals just how loyal Apple's customers really are.

A Whopping 60 Percent Of iOS Apps Fail To Make The Developer A Profit

Making a successful app is hard. In fact, more apps fail than succeed.

If You Live In The US And Don't Own Apple, You're In The Minority

With Apple's industry domination, it's no surprise that the majority of Americans support the brand.

"Apps Are Like Xanax In A Phone"

A new survey confirms what many of us already knew: we love our apps. In fact, 83 percent of us said we are addicted to them, according to All Things Digital.

iPad Browser Market Share Dozens Of Times That Of Nearest Competition

The iPad is popular. Very popular. Very, very popular.

Android's Ascent Past Apple Is Over But Everyone's Still Stuck In The Mud

Of the popular mobile OSes, Android's halted its ascent while RIM and Apple hover in their respective positions.

Statistics Guru Distimo Says iOS Gaming On Meteoric Rise

Analysis firm Distimo has put together another chart touting the merits of iOS as your gaming god.

Apple Triples Free-dealing Android's Paid App Count

The App Store's total app count may be dethroned soon, but all the money's still in iOS.

Google Survey's In The Toilet

Google's smartphone usage survey is entertaining but probably inaccurate.

Who Is The Average iPad User?

Who is the average iPad user? We've got the answer. Read more ...

Will Buyers Flock To A Verizon iPhone? Survey Says…

While we probably won't know until Apple wants us to know, it is very likely that U.S. customers will see an iPhone on Verizon's network within a year. The thing that everyone wants to know is: "What will this mean for sales?"

93% Of Owners Like Their iPhone 4 - Why That Could Be Bad

While almost every company on the planet would go nuts if they had a customer satisfaction rating anywhere near 93%, it's actually the sign of an issue for Apple. New satisfaction statistics are out, and some of the numbers may be quite surprising.