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T-Mobile USA

T-Mobile CEO: MetroPCS iPhone Launch Is 'Not Imminent', But Is Possible

T-Mobile's CEO has recently confirmed that a MetroPCS iPhone launch is "not imminent."

Cricket Wireless Now Offering Lower Priced iPhone Packages

Cricket Wireless has sweetened their smartphone deals.

T-Mobile's Second iPhone 5 TV Ad Airs: 'The Choice Is Simple'

T-Mobile has just aired a brand new TV ad for its recently launched iPhone 5 handset.

T-Mobile Stores Prepping For Friday’s iPhone Launch

Here's what to expect if you'll be purchasing an iPhone at a T-Mobile store on Friday.

T-Mobile USA Is Now Accepting iPhone 5 Preorders Ahead Of April 12 Launch

T-Mobile USA is now accepting preorders for the iPhone 5.

T-Mobile's iPhone Launch Is A 'Big Deal'

The launch of the iPhone at T-Mobile USA is huge news and here is why.

T-Mobile’s iPhone 5 Will Feature HD Voice At Launch

An official from the carrier also strongly hinted that Wi-Fi Calling will eventually be making its way to the handset.

The iPhone 5 Will Arrive On T-Mobile Next Month

Instead a being locked into a contract, buyers will pay $100 up front for the iPhone 5 and then make $20 monthly payments for two years.

A Launch Date For The T-Mobile iPhone?

T-Mobile will meet the press to discuss the end of two-year contracts, and more.

T-Mobile USA Gains Subscribers In 2012 As They Look Ahead To iPhone Launch

T-Mobile USA saw the company's subscriber base increase for the first time since 2009.

Wait For It: T-Mobile May Get The iPhone Next Week

T-Mobile could finally join the big leagues next week and get the iPhone.

From January 30, T-Mobile USA Will Offer Additional Support For Its Unlocked iPhone Users

It has recently been discovered that T-Mobile USA plans to offer additional support for unlocked iPhones, beginning January 30.

T-Mobile CEO Says Network's iPhone Status "Up To Apple"

As next-gen technology gains ground, the T-Mobile iPhone could finally become a reality.

AT&T Decides Against T-Mobile USA Acquisition

In a press release that recently hit the Web, AT&T has announced that it has decided against its $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile USA.

T-Mobile's Bobsled Brings Free Cross-Platform Calls To iPhone

T-Mobile has recently made its Bobsled VoIP service available in the iOS App Store.

Over One Million iPhones Currently Run On T-Mobile's Network

T-Mobile USA might not carry the iPhone officially, but over one million people are using iPhone handsets with T-Mobile's network. While many of these handsets are reportedly pre-iPhone 4, a T-Mobile spokesperson notes that many Apple fans have "taken the scissors" to their SIM card, and transformed it into a Micro-SIM.