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Classic Bust-A-Move match-three puzzler returns in King-like fashion

Bust-A-Move Islands is a King-ified version of the eponymous iconic arcade game.

Square Enix's Huge Holiday App Sale Just Got Even Bigger

Square Enix has added a number of retro iOS app titles to its impressive holiday sale.

RayForce May Have Been A Classic Back Then, But It May End Up Forgotten On iOS

Remember the days when you spent your time and money in arcades playing RayForce? Now it's available on your iPhone, but is it worth it?

Groove Coaster Breathes New Life Into A Tried-And-True Game Genre

Are you bored of music games like Tap Tap Revenge? Want a game that breathes some new life into music games on iOS? Then Groove Coaster is just what you need.

This Rhythmic Puzzle Title Looks Visually Stunning

Taito unleashes a new musical rhythm game onto the App Store. It is available as a universal app and it's called Groove Coaster.

iPhone And iPad Games On Sale For The Holidays

As developers try to prepare for the five-day App Store lockout, the app sales just keep on coming and coming. Today's list includes iPhone and iPad games from FDG, Glu, Gameloft, Taito, LucasArts, and more

Review: Bubble Bobble Double - Reinventing A Classic?

Bubble Bobble Double tries to reinvent the classic Bubble Bobble game. Read on to find out if it's successful, and worth $4.99.

Review: Bust-A-Move - Plus Video

Bust-A-Move the classic game of shooting bubbles into a mass above to match three makes its way to the iPhone. The 1.1.0 update was just released, and it's worth taking a brand new look. How does this rate compared to all it's clones in the App Store? Is it worth the $4.99 price tag? Read on to find out.