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Look At Your Task List With A New Perspective With Gneo

Gneo is a new to-do app that brings a fresh new perspective to the table.

DOOO To-Do Note Provides Everything You Could Need For Task Management

Voice recordings, images, locations, and even drawing tools are standard in this slick task management app.

Keep Those Pesky Recurring Tasks In Check With Radar

Don't let things that matter fall off your Radar.

Your House Can Be Squeaky Clean With These Chore Management Apps

Get your housework done with the help of your iPhone.

See Your Notes And Tasks In A Different Light With Yodito

Ever wish you could have a Flipboard-style app for your notes and tasks? Say hello to Yodito.

Listacular For Dropbox Is Your All-In-One iPhone App For Lists, Tasks And Notes

Having all of your notes, tasks, and lists in one place has never been easier thanks to Listacular for Dropbox.

Achieve Your Dreams With These Motivational Apps

Achieve your goals and start to form healthy habits with these apps.

Today's Apps Gone Free: Our To Do List, Interactive Minds: Solar System, Starbase Gunship And More

Today's AGF list includes a to-do list app, an interactive science book, and an arcade game.

App Showdown: Organizing iPhone Lists With Reminders, Cheddar, TaskAgent And Listary

Are you the type to keep tasks in a list rather than a complex GTD system? Then don't miss this App Showdown, where I compare some of the best list apps available.

Metro Tasks: Love Your To-Dos! - Available Now For The iPad

If you're a task-management freak but still haven't found an iPad app that can take care of all your GTD needs, consider downloading Metro Tasks: Love your to-dos!, a new application that's available for $6.99 in the iPad App Store.

AppGuide Updated: Best Chore Management Apps

Nobody likes chores, and with so many things to do throughout the day, it can be quite easy to forget something and become backlogged later. Luckily the apps here will save you from that type of inconvenience, giving you the best chore management apps that the App Store has to offer.

Keep Track Of Your Errands, Dates And Reminders With Powerful Flexibility In Doozy — Plus Win A Copy!

This to-do app makes heavy use of color to display reminders with clarity.

Make Organizing Tasks A Breeze With Daily 2Do

Tired of carrying around a bulky Filofax to keep track of all your to-do's? Try this simple yet powerful app.

New AppGuide: Best Chore Management Apps

Most people tend to live busy lives. With so much to do, it often gets difficult to remember the various housework that needs to be done in one’s home. Whether you're single, married, or have a family of five, the apps here will help you organize and get all of your chores completed in a short amount of time.

New AppGuide: Reminder Alternative Apps

Are you in search of a good reminder app? iOS 5 will come with a built-in reminder app, but perhaps you can't wait until then. Or, you are using iOS 5's Reminders, but you want an alternative that is just as simplistic and easy to use. What is the right to do app for you? We take a look at the to do apps that compete with Reminders in this AppGuide.

I Do Lists: Simple and Minimal To-Do Lists

There are plenty of to-do apps out there, but how about ones that are simple and well-designed? I Do Lists is both of these, and is free to try. Read on to learn more..

InstaTodo: The Todo App To End All Todo Apps

Organize your lists and your life with one of the best todo apps on the iOS market.

Create Task Lists Easily & Manage Them Everywhere With Droplist For iPhone

Droplist makes it super easy to create lists and edit them everywhere with Dropbox integration. There are even more features that make this a nice gem to have for task list management.

Affix Uses Prefixes To Quickly E-mail Tasks And Notes From Your iPhone

Are you the type of person who sends quick e-mails as reminders? Keeping those notes organized can be a challenge. A sloppy inbox is an unproductive one. Affix aims to save you time by using predefined prefixes to add context to your message, while efficiently sending yourself or others notes and tasks.

QuickAdvice: Get Reminded Will Make Sure You're Reminded On Your iPhone

If you don't need the complicated features of the GTD system and prefer something much simpler, then Get Reminded may be what you're looking for.

QuickAdvice: Is Mussedo for iPhone A Must-Have For Your Tasks?

The App Store is filling up with to-do and task manager apps very quickly. It's at the point where it can be a struggle to find the right app for you and your workflow. How does Mussedo stack up in this crowded market? Click through to learn more..

QuickAdvice: Manage Your Time, Not To-Dos, with Put Things Off

There's no shortage of to-do apps out there in the App Store. But how about an app that let's you control your time, and not the actual to-do list? And graphically pleasing to boot? Put Things Off could be your next to-do app. Click through to learn more..

QuickAdvice: Get OTA Task Syncing With SpeedTask

SpeedTasks is another to-do app for your iPhone, but it comes with two nifty features: OTA syncing and an accompanying web app, no expensive desktop software required. Is this app worth your dough? Read on to find out.

Review: Things for iPad

Are you busy? On the go? Has your iPad now become the new center of your life planning universe? If you answered yes to any of these questions, and you are looking for a gorgeous task and to-do manager, then you might want to consider Things for iPad. Offered by developer Cultured Code, maker of Things for iPhone and Mac, you can now get the popular application for your iPad. Will it help you organize you life? I'll give you my take and then let you decide.