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Terry Cavanagh

VVVVVV, the popular retro platformer, goes on sale for the first time ever

There's been no better time to pick up a copy of VVVVVV for iOS.

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For June 20, 2014

Help two teens fulfill their destinies in a point-and-click adventure and test your skills in a tough-as-nails platformer with our top games of the week!

Get Ready For A Real Challenge In Indie Platformer VVVVVV, Now On iOS

Defy gravity in this tough-as-nails platformer.

Super Hexagon Creator Releases VVVVVV And Super Gravitron For iOS

Terry Cavanagh has just released the long-awaited iOS port of the critically acclaimed VVVVVV.

Super Hexagon Creator To Bring VVVVVV iOS Port To The App Store In 2014

VVVVVV is set to make the leap to iOS in the near future.

Quirky App Of The Day: Don't Look Back Looks Back On 8-Bit Gaming

Play your way through caves and caverns to save the one you love.

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For September 14, 2012

With a bonus game this week, we have a little something for everyone with our top game picks!

Geometry Is Fun When You Have A Super Hexagon

If you want an iPhone game that will put your reflexes to the test, then you should check out this new, fast-paced game from Terry Cavanagh.

New iOS Game Super Hexagon Looks And Sounds Super Awesome

Following its premature release, the new iOS game Super Hexagon is now back for good in the App Store.