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the hero

Rapid Review: The Hero HD - Here I Am To Save The Day

The Hero is now soaring on the iPad. Can you save the day on the iPad? Does The Hero HD offer major differences from the iPhone version? Click through to find out in our rapid review.

The First Update To The Hero Explodes Into The App Store And It's Big

Chillingo and Traplight Games are extremely excited to announce the first update to their high-flying superhero title, The Hero. In this release, the campaign has been restructured, levels rebuilt, and three new mini-games have been added.

Review: The Hero - Is This Game Truly Heroic?

The Hero has flown into the App Store, and after giving you a sneak peek it's time for the full review. Play as a Super Hero saving various cities from fire, zombies, giant insects, and aliens. Is this game worth $1.99? Read on to find out.

Sneak Peek: Hands On With The Hero - Become a Superhero!

The Hero will soon be flying high in the App Store. Until then find out all of the details of the game inside as well as hands on video of the hero in action.