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the iconfactory

Take Your Photography Seriously with Exify

The Iconfactory's new app is a must for serious (or not) photographers.

Powerful Twitter client Twitterrific updated with iOS 9 multitasking and more

Version 5.13.2 can be used with the Split Screen and Slide Over multitasking on applicable iPads.

Twitterrific update brings autocomplete improvements and much more

Version 5.13.1 of the great Twitter client also offers a number of accessibility improvements.

Twitterrific prepares for the future with a new update

The powerful Twitter client can now automatically complete hashtags while you’re composing a tweet.

A Twitterrific update makes replying from Apple Watch easy

Version 5.12 of the Twitter client also brings full support for quoted tweets, a new tab bar option, and more.

Twitterrific 5 update brings better muting and muffling, draft support

Version 5.1 of the third-party Twitter client has also added a number of improvements.

Twitterrific for iOS finally updated with support for sharing multiple Twitter images

The new version of Twitterrific also includes a number of other improvements.

Twitterrific updated with iOS 8 compatibility, iPhone 6 support and more

Twitterrific has just been updated for Apple's latest mobile operating system and smartphones.

Twitterrific Adds A Smart 'Edit Tweet' Button To Its iOS App

The Iconfactory has added a useful "Edit Tweet" button to its Twitterrific iOS application.

Twitterrific 5 Update Should Help Prevent Duplicate Tweets

Version 5.7.1 also adds safeguards to prevent Web ads from automatically opening Safari.

Popular Twitter Client Twitterrific Goes Freemium With Its Most Recent Update

Twitterrific has gone freemium in its latest update.

Ollie Soars: Here's How You Can Play A Flappy Bird Clone Right Within Twitterrific

Did you know that you can play a Flappy Bird clone right within a popular Twitter client app?

Twitterrific Gains Search Streaming, Navigation Tab Customization And More

Twitterrific, the popular Twitter app developed by The Iconfactory, has just received another notable update.

Twitterrific Update Adds Timeline Streaming, List Management And More

Twitterrific has just been updated with new major features, at least a couple of which bring it on par with its foremost rival in the third-party Twitter app space, Tweetbot.

Twitterrific 5 Gets New Profile Layout, Animations And Performance Enhancements

The Iconfactory's Twitterrific 5 has just received a useful update.

Ramp Champ Gets Long-Overdue Update, Sequel Is Said To Be In The Works

Ramp Champ has returned to the App Store from beyond the grave.

Better Late Than Never: Twitterrific Adds Support For In-App Profile Editing

The latest update to Twitterrific finally adds support for profile editing right within the app.

Twitterrific Gains Apple A7 64-Bit Processor Support And Various Other Improvements

Twitterrific, which is my Twitter client of choice, has just received another notable update.

Twitterrific 5.5 Gets Refined For iOS 7 And Brings New Features

The Iconfactory brings the goods with the latest Twitterrific update for iOS 7.

Twitterrific 5 Adds Support For Readability And Droplr

Version 5.2.2 of popular Twitter client also brings a number of small improvements and other bug fixes.

Twitterrific 5 Updated With App Badges, Favstar Support, Twitter Trends And More

Twitterrific 5 has once again received a major update, and with it comes support for app badges for push notifications.

Twitterrific 5 Update Brings A Great Feature, With One Small Catch

The push notification feature is in beta and will be slowly rolled out to users.

Twitterrific Adds 'Muffling' Feature Plus Various Improvements, Teases Push

The latest update to Twitterrific, which was relaunched to much acclaim in December last year, several new features bundled with tons of new improvements.

Twitterrific 5's First Ever Update Is Packed With Terrific Improvements

Just a week after its release in the App Store, Twitterrific 5 has already received its first ever update.