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the incident

Today's Apps Gone Free: The Incident, Runtastic Pull-Ups, Fraggle Friends And More

Today's AGF list includes a platform game, a fitness app, and an interactive storybook.

Creators Of The Incident Announce New Project, Space Age, Launching Soon

The folks behind The Incident have a new app in the pipeline, and it looks promising.

Today's Apps Gone Free: The Incident, Zombie Tsunami, Miniatures Pro And More

Today's AGF list includes a platform game, an endless game, and a time-lapse photography app.

AppAdvice Daily: iPad Humor, AT&T Backs Down On Throttling, And Apps On Sale

On today's show we feature some iPad rumor humor, AT&T announces a new throttling policy, and we have some hot apps that are on sale.

Review: The Blocks Cometh - And Landeth On Your Head

If you like The Incident take notice. If you like a super challenging retro inspired game The Blocks Cometh is for you. Click through for all the details in our review.

The Incident Is Hilariously Reenacted

Love The Incident? Probably not as much has these guys.

The Incident Can Now Be Played On An Even Bigger Screen Thanks To TV-Out Support

If you thought playing The Incident on your iPad while using your iPhone as a controller was cool, wait until you try playing it on that giant LCD TV screen in your living room, which is now possible thanks to the most recent update.

Popular iPhone And iPad Games On Sale For A Limited Time

It's finally the end of the work week, and you know what that means, don't you? Game sales! Lots of them.

Appisode 219: Facebook Update, Robin Sings And Syncing Made Easy

What's going on with 4.2? Facebook gets updated, gaming on Apple TV and if you have Froyo envy, no worries - we have an app for that. We have all this and more on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Apple TV Gaming: iPhone As A Touchscreen Controller?

A popular iOS game has recently added the ability to play on a TV, while using a Bluetooth-paired iPhone as a controller. Read on to find out more ...

The Incident Is Bigger, Crisper, Darker, And Now Works Great In Pairs

Take part in Endless Nightfall, dozens of new items, a new power-up, new music, and so much more to accompany Retina display quality graphics and the ability to use your iPhone or iPod touch as a wireless controller in Big Bucket Software's The Incident.

Review: The Incident - Watch Out For Falling Rocks And More

A strange incident has random stuff falling from the sky, and you have to dodge it. As the stuff piles up you need to climb the stack to find the cause of the incident. Are you prepared to face what lies above?