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the new iPad

AppAdvice Goes Hands-On With The Fourth Generation iPad

Join us as we go hands-on with the fourth generation iPad. Is it really worth the upgrade?

Third-Generation iPad Makes Successful Yet 'Quiet' Debut In China

At long last, Apple's third-generation iPad has debuted in China today. Unexpectedly, though, the proceedings surrounding the long-awaited launch have been described as "quiet."

Apple To Pay Fines To Settle '4G' iPad Lawsuit

Apple will pony up $2 million U.S. to end an advertising dispute in Australia over the iPad "4G."

New iPad Soon To Launch In China?

An unspecified Apple device with 3G network capability, believed to be the new iPad, has been duly licensed for sale in China.

New iPad To Invade Shores Of Guam And Philippines On May 29

The so-called new iPad is going to be officially released in Guam and the Philippines on May 29.

Two Months Later, The New iPad Ties The First One In Usage

The third-generation iPad is now being used by an equal number as those with the original iPad. Remarkably, this happened just two months after the new iPad arrived.

Apple Renames 'iPad Wi-Fi + 4G' In Several Countries After International Criticism

After international criticism, Apple is forced to change its marketing for the new iPad.

Improving iPad Shipping Times Suggest Supply Starting To Meet Demand

Nearly two months after it was first released, the new iPad is now shipping in less time, at least in the U.S. This news means that Apple’s supply of their third generation tablet is climbing closer to demand.

First Australia, Now The UK Goes After Apple Over iPad ‘4G’ Claims

Who didn’t see this coming? One month after the Australian government sued Apple over iPad “4G” claims, the U.K. is ready to take similar steps

The New iPad Launches Today In Israel, South Africa, Elsewhere

As expected, the new iPad launched today in nine additional countries beginning at 8 a.m. local time. To date, the new iPad is now available in 57 countries across the globe.

The New iPad Launches In More Countries, Quicker To Get In US

As expected, the new iPad launched today in 12 additional countries beginning at 8 a.m. local time. In addition, delivery times for Apple’s newest tablet in the U.S. have improved, more than a month after it debuted here.

Apple To China: No New iPad For You

One month after Apple CEO Tim Cook visited the world’s most populous nation, we now might have a better idea how the visit went. China won’t be getting the new iPad, at least not anytime soon.

New iPad Arrives in South Korea & 11 Additional Countries This Week

Apple today announced the new iPad will be available in South Korea and 11 additional countries on Friday, April 20.

Australia Watchdog Group: Don’t Call It An iPad

Will Apple be forced to change the name of their latest tablet, the iPad Wi-Fi + 4G? We could soon find out.

Reported iPad Wi-Fi Problems Could Be Software Related

For new iPad owners having problems connecting to a Wi-Fi network, we have some good news for you. Rather, better news than we brought you last week.

Users Reporting Issues With The iPad's 3G Connection

New iPads with LTE capability are having connection issues outside of the LTE network.

Dungeon Crawlers Receives A Massive HD Update

Big update arrives with an HD overhaul, the fifth and final chapter, dynamic lighting, and more.

Report: Apple Confirms There Is A Problem With The New iPad

An internal AppleCare document suggests Apple is actively investigating Wi-Fi issues with the new iPad, which first launched last month. In fact, they are now replacing some of the affected tablets.

Survey: 98 Percent Of New iPad Owners Love Their New Tablets

First released less than one month ago, the new iPad is officially a huge hit with buyers. In fact, 98 percent of buyers are satisfied with their recent purchase, according to a new ChangeWave survey.

The New iPad Ranks Best In New Consumer Reports Survey

Consumer Reports is out with the organization’s latest tablet survey and in a surprising twist, the new iPad scores best among the recommended tablets. This comes just weeks after the U.S. watchdog group found that Apple’s latest tablet runs hotter than its predecessor, the iPad 2.

Apple Offers Australian Customers Refunds On New iPad Purchases

Apple will provide full refunds to those customers in Australia that purchased the new iPad, but are unhappy they cannot access LTE/4G service in that country using the tablet. This move comes after a lawsuit was filed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) against Apple over what it says are misleading advertising practices, according to CBS News.

Wi-Fi Reception: Another New iPad Concern Surfaces

Since arriving in stores only weeks ago, the new iPad has become Apple’s fastest-selling tablet of all time, with three million units sold in the first weekend of release alone. Still, the tablet’s arrival has been anything but smooth. Now, a new potential issue with Apple’s third generation tablet has been reported, this time concerning the iPad’s Wi-Fi strength.

Apple: No Battery Issues With New iPad - In Fact, Your Concerns Are Actually A Feature

Apple is responding to concerns that the new iPad has battery issues. Today, the company’s Vice President of iPad marketing, Michael Tchao, went on record saying consumers have nothing to worry about. In fact, according to Tchao there is no issue at all.

In Australia, Apple In Hot Water Over ‘Misleading’ iPad Ads

Apple now faces a lawsuit in Australia over claims the new iPad works with 4G, which it does not Down Under. Should they be sued?