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the new iphone

Details Leak Surrounding Apple’s New Headphones And 9-Pin Dock Connector

Apparently Apple's new headphones and 9-pin dock connector have been given some clever names.

Even Amazon Gets The Samsung Galaxy S II And The iPhone Confused

While performing a search on Amazon’s Electronics Trade-In site, I ran into a funny situation.

In-Store Mobile Payments Are Coming Soon, But Will Apple Be Left On The Shelf?

A few major retailers have joined forces to create a new mobile payment platform and Apple is nowhere in sight.

Add This To The Growing Pile Of iPhone Rumors

The latest iPhone rumor includes photos reportedly showing parts for Apple's next handset.

The New iPhone May Only Have An 8-Pin Dock Connector

The idea of a 19-pin dock connector on Apple's next iPhone may be on the chopping block.

Apple May Sell You A 30-Pin Adapter For The New iPhone’s Smaller Port

If the new iPhone has a smaller dock connector, what will happen to older 30-pin accessories?

Logically, You Already Know What To Expect From The Next iPhone

Before the rumor mill gets kicked into high gear, here's what you can expect from the new iPhone.