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the new york times company

Best new apps of the week: Horizon 3 and NYT Now 2.0

Plan out your events with the weather and get the best news of the day delivered to your device with our top app picks for the week!

NYTimes For iPhone And iPad Updated To Offer Coverage Of 2014 Winter Olympics

The New York Times has just updated its official apps for iOS for the upcoming Sochi games.

Extra! Extra! Official New York Times And Huffington Post Apps Get iOS 7 Updates

The official iOS apps of a couple of high-profile news organizations have been redesigned for iOS 7: The New York Times and The Huffington Post.

Previously For iPhone Only, Search Finally Comes To NYTimes For iPad

NYTimes for iPhone and NYTimes for iPad have just received their respective new updates.

Extra, Extra: NYTimes Gains Search Function, Accessibility Features And More

NYTimes for iPhone and NYTimes for iPad have both been updated with several notable improvements.

NYTimes For iPhone Updated In Preparation For Live Election Night Coverage

With just over a couple of weeks to go before the U.S. presidential election this year, NYTimes for iPhone has just been updated in preparation for the much-anticipated event.