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the onion

'America's Finest News Source' Says Apple Has A Plan For Fixing The Maps App

The Onion has the scoop on how Tim Cook plans on fixing the Apple Maps problem.

Onion Magic Answer Ball - Ask A Question And Shake, Shake, Shake

Onion Magic Answer Ball ($0.99) is a recently released iPhone app from The Onion. The application, which is rather a lot like a virtual Magic Eight Ball, allows users to ask it a number of questions and gives random answers. Furthermore, the app can ask users humorous questions which can then be shared to Facebook.

The Onion: Why The Unemployed Need An iPad Too (Funny Video)

The Onion offers a funny take on what can cure unemployment: a new iPad. Take at look at the video here.

The Onion Lands On The iPad - For Real

Good news for those of you who wish that April Fool's was every day of the year. The Onion, the well known satiric news source, has decided to launch an iPad app of its own on this April 1.

The Onion Gets An Official iPhone App

The Onion finally gets an official iPhone app, giving you a fantastic iPhone-friendly way to get your The Onion-style news as long as you don't mind Jack Link's Beef Jerky.