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the oregon trail

The Best iPad Apps Of The Week, October 9-15, 2011

Here are the best new and updated iPad apps this week. Did your favorite app make our list?

Bring Your iPad Back To Apple’s Gaming Roots With The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail, a classic decision making pioneer adventure game that many Apple techies grew up playing in the 1980s on an Apple II, is now available for the iPad. The old monochrome game with uppercase letters and bare graphics has been transformed into a refreshing graphical experience for the iPad.

iOS Apps Gone Free: The Oregon Trail, Learn Guitar, RocketBird World Tour, And More

Today's AGF list includes a classic educational game, an app that will teach you how to play guitar, and a colorful arcade game.

The Oregon Trail - Really Guys?

The old game has been upgraded, but are the upgrades necessarily what the old Oregon Trail players want?

Review: Oregon Trail - Apple Gaming Manifest Destiny

The Oregon Trail continues to be a strong seller after 30 years. Is the iPhone incarnation just banking off the nostalgia factor or is it actually a fun game?