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AppAdvice International: The Cost Of Apple's iPhone 5s, An iPhone Thief With A Heart

How much does Apple's iPhone 5s cost around the world, and do iPhone thieves really have a conscience?

Thief Steals iPhone, Sends 11-Page Document With Contacts App Contents To Owner

It looks like even iPhone thieves have a conscience.

This Thief Didn't Think To Disable Photo Stream Before Using Stolen iPhone

Back in April, Katy McCaffrey had her iPhone stolen while she was on the Disney Wonder cruise ship - she didn't see who took the handset and, thinking her iPhone was lost forever, gave up hope. Then one day, she checked on her iCloud-powered Photo Stream, and noticed something odd: the thief who stole her handset hadn't disabled Katy's pre-configured services, meaning every image he'd taken on the iPhone - twenty, so far - had been synced to Photo Stream.

Quirky App Of The Day: Thief

Crack the alarm code before the timer runs out.

Do You Know This Bottom Feeder?

Seeking justice, a man records an iPhone thief and asks the public to identify him.