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Apple is offering great discounts on a number of popular productivity apps

It’s time to “Get Productive” with this great slate of apps.

Powerful to-do app Things updated with Apple Watch complications

The app is also optimized to run natively on the wearable device thanks to WatchOS 2.0.

The 5 best iPhone and iPad task and to-do list apps

Manage your to-dos, receive reminders, and even assign tasks to others with these helpful apps.

Things lets you manage your tasks on Apple Watch with ease

When you receive your Apple Watch, award-winning task management app Things will be ready to hop onto your wrist.

Apple Watch apps begin to arrive on the App Store

A number of apps, including Dark Sky, Things, and Target have just been updated with support for the wearable device.

Powerful to-do app Things updated with an iOS 8 Notification Center widget

Version 2.6 brings a handy new feature to the already well-designed app.

How to spend a $25 iTunes gift card for Nov. 21, 2014

Our list this week features two amazing sequels, plus a lot more.

Give thanks to Apple for offering Things as its free App of the Week on the App Store

Apple is giving App Store customers something to be thankful for as it's offering Things as its free App of the Week.

Today’s apps gone free: Things, Resume Mobile, Cows vs Aliens and more

Today’s AGF list includes a productivity app, a business app, and a casual arcade game.

Things for iPad 2.5 features new design, extension support, Handoff integration and more

The iPad edition of the popular Things to-do app developed by Cultured Code has just received a rather significant update.

Cultured Code shows off a Things app extension for iOS 8

With the extension, users can save information to the popular to-do app directly from third-party titles.

Cydia tweak: Get on-demand reminder notifications with RemindMeAnywhere

RemindMeAnywhere could make it easier for you to remember important tasks.

Things 3 Coming Soon in 2014, Plus Cultured Code May Have More Gifts For You

It has been a big day for the folks at Cultured Code.

Important Under The Hood Changes Made In Things 2.2

Things, for both iPhone and iPad, has been updated to version 2.2, and several important performance improvements have been made to both applications.

Things 2.0 Brings A Lot Of New Things To Help You In Getting Things Done

Cultured Code's trio of Things — that is to say, Things for iPhone, iPad, and Mac — have all been updated just moments ago.

App Showdown: Get Productive With GTD Apps

In this week's App Showdown, we compare the top three GTD apps. It's time to get productive!

Things App Maker To Begin Wireless Sync Testing In August

The creators behind the popular task manager app, Things, are about to make its customers very happy. They will soon begin beta testing wireless syncing for its Mac, iPhone/iPod touch, and iPad apps, according to news first reported by iDownloadBlog.

Mr. Reader Challenges Reeder App With Huge Update

One of the more recent Google Reader apps for the iPad has received its first significant update. Mr. Reader by Oliver Fürniß includes new features, improvements, and a few bug fixes too as it transitions to Version 1.1.

Things Update Adds Multitasking, Local Notifications, Retina Graphics And More

Cultured Code's über popular iPhone and iPod touch task managing app, Things, has been updated to v1.6, which adds a bunch of often-requested features.

Task Aware Gets Things Done With A Difference

If you're the kind of person who saves tasks in Todo or Things, and then completely forgets about them once you've left the house, Task Aware might just be the perfect app for you. Read on to find out why...

Review: Things for iPad

Are you busy? On the go? Has your iPad now become the new center of your life planning universe? If you answered yes to any of these questions, and you are looking for a gorgeous task and to-do manager, then you might want to consider Things for iPad. Offered by developer Cultured Code, maker of Things for iPhone and Mac, you can now get the popular application for your iPad. Will it help you organize you life? I'll give you my take and then let you decide.

The Amazing Task Manager Things Will Be Part of the iPad App Store Launch

Task management will now be possible on an iPad with Things for iPad. Find out the details as well as pricing of this amazing app.