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tiny tower

Bitizens take over Sin City as NimbleBit officially launches Tiny Tower Vegas on iOS

NimbleBit has officially launched Tiny Tower Vegas on iOS.

Tiny Tower Vegas will land on the App Store this Thursday, Aug. 28

The popular tower building series from developer NimbleBit is heading to Sin City.

NimbleBit soft-launches Vegas-themed sequel to Tiny Tower on Canadian App Store

NimbleBit has just soft-launched Tiny Tower Vegas on the App Store.

Bitizens To Soon Take Over Sin City In NimbleBit's Tiny Tower Vegas

There's a new game in the pipeline from NimbleBit, and it happens to be a Vegas-themed edition of the developer's hit business simulation game, Tiny Tower.

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The Anticipated Star Wars: Tiny Death Star Launches In The US App Store

Disney and NimbleBit's Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is now available to download in the U.S. App Store.

Celebrate The Holidays With Your Beloved Bitizens In Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower, the hit building and management game from Sky Burger and Pocket Planes creator NimbleBit, is sprucing up for the holidays.

Freemium's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose

Freemium is certainly present in the App Store, but it is based on business model that isn’t as reliable or straightforward as paid apps. Compounding this is the demand of customers to get free content from the Web.

Controversial Tiny Tower Clone Hits The App Store

Zynga's Tiny Tower clone Dream Heights strong arms itself onto the App Store.

Zynga Apes "Tiny Tower" With Freemium "Dream Heights" Title

Zynga's at it again with their latest freemium clone, "Dream Heights."

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Kairosoft Ready To Rival Tiny Tower With Mega Mall Story

Japan-based game studio Kairosoft are behind some of the most successful simulation games in the App Store. They started off with Game Dev Story, a game that let players run their own game development studio and then continued with other great titles such as Hot Springs Story and Pocket Academy, and now we've got some details on their next big release.

Get Your Free Tiny Tower From NimbleBit And Manage Your Way To The Top

From the creators of games like Dizzypad, Scoops, and Textropolis comes a fun new time management game titled Tiny Tower