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tiny wings

Tiny Wings Fans: Don’t Download The Update

We’ve received word from one of our readers that users of the iPhone/iPod touch game, Tiny Wings, should refrain from downloading the app’s Version 1.1.1 update. Apparently, the update isn’t quite ready for prime time, according to a message left by the developer in the App Store.

Bryan M. Wolfe

New AppList: iPhone Bird Games

Everyone loves to play a good bird game on their iPhone. We’ve gathered up the best ones including games that let you fling birds, shoot birds and even smash birds! Let us know if we forgot your favorite bird game for the iPhone.

Tim Chaten

Review: Tiny Wings - I Believe I Can Fly

The life of a flightless bird isn't all that glamorous. What if the bird lived in a world of hills. It could use those hills to launch into the air. That's what you do in Tiny Wings. Click through to find out all about it.

Staff Writer