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TiVo users rejoice as AirPlay mirroring finally arrives

A long-awaited feature has arrived on the TiVo app.

TiVo App Update Brings An iOS 7 Friendly Design And More

Version 3.3 adds a Facebook and YouTube video feed in the "What to Watch" section.

Comcast Tests New Labs DVR App, Brings Live TV And Recordings To iOS

Comcast Labs DVR has been spotted in the App Store, suggesting that the company is preparing to take on the likes of Slingbox, DirecTV’s Nomad, and TiVo’s Stream with an exciting new service.

Samsung Buys Boxee, Moves Fight With Apple To The Living Room

The fight between Samsung and Apple is just getting started.

TiVo Launches 'What To Watch Now' Feature For iOS Users

Tivo releases a new feature for iOS users, "What to Watch Now."

It's Thumbs Up For TiVo 2.0

TiVo 2.0 is available now in the App Store

TiVo Stream Will Change Your Mobile TV Experience Sept. 6

TiVo hopes to reinvent television once again. Say hello to TiVo Stream.

TiVo Streaming Coming To iOS

The TiVo Stream will arrive later this year, making streaming video content to your iDevice easier than ever.

iWake With AppAdvice For Thursday Now Available

Good morning! Today's iWake is now available. Have a listen ...

The Best iPhone Apps Of The Week

Here they are, the top iPhone apps of the week! But, which was the best??

TiVo App Goes Universal, Finally Available For iPhones Everywhere

TiVo brings our iPhones into its DVR fold with their newly-universal iOS app.

Fanhattan: The Only Entertainment App You'll Need (Most Of The Time)

Just fourteen months after its introduction, the iPad has become a one-stop shop to purchase and view movies and TV shows. However, it wasn’t until the release of Fanhattan that iPad owners needed only one app to access all of that entertainment.

Could Apple Save TiVo? Troubled Company Looking At Options

TiVo is surveying customers to gauge interest in allowing streaming content using its TiVO for iPad app. Could this save TiVO?

AppAdvice Daily: AirView, Tivo and One Note All Hit The App Store

It's a big day in the App Store! AirView, Tivo and Microsoft's One Note all hit today. Watch the show to see which are worth downloading, and which are not.

Beware: The TIVO App Has Arrived

The new TIVO app for the iPad has just arrived. As a concept, the app works great, if you can get past the setup process.

AppAdvice Daily: iOS 4.3, Tivo For iPad Release Date, Plus 3 Apps To Scare People

AT&T may be stepping it up with new features according to recent reports, Tivo will hit the App Store later this month, and three wacky apps to scare people off.

Apple's iTunes Connect Back In Business

Tired of playing games that are already in the App Store? Or, are you a developer that can't wait to release a new update? You'll be happy to know that iTunes Connect is back online after being shutdown for the holidays. Read more ...

Tivo App Is Finally Heading To App Store

Tivo, so far, has not been a player in the App Store. However, the Alviso, California-based company will soon release its own app for the iPad. From the looks of it, Tivo users could be in for a nice surprise. Read more ...