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TextNow And PingChat! Creator Wants To Touch You With A New Social Networking App

The makers of TextNow and PingChat! have announced the immediate availability of Touch, a new social networking service available via the iPhone/iPod touch. Created by Waterloo, Ontario-based Enflick, Touch allows users to share experiences as they happen by easily capturing and delivering photos. In addition, users are able to have real-time conversations directly from within the app.

Experience A Classic Revival With MineSweeper Touch

Minesweeper is one of the oldest computer games that's still played today, and SkyPaw brings a polished and updated version to iOS in MineSweeper Touch. Do the new features make it a worthy app?

Touchscreen iPod Nano Likely To Debut Tomorrow

As we reported back in July, Apple has been manufacturing a small touchscreen for inclusion in an unknown future device. It appears that we finally know what it's for.

Apple's Magic Touch

The masters of touch computing are on course to let you control every device they make, simply by touch. While that sounds cool, what does Apple really have up their sleeve?

New App EcoCense Helps You Balance Cost With Energy Efficiency

Whether you're thinking about buying a hybrid car or getting a more efficient air conditioner, EcoCense can help you make that decision by comparing both the costs and the cost savings.

Reach Out And Touch... FaceTime?

[ipodtouch1] The iPhone's baby brother, the iPod touch, always gets an update a few months after the iPhone. Rumors are already circulating about what new features we may see, and some recent images suggest that Facetime is one of them.

One More Thing... Shapeshifting

Apple broke new ground with their heavy backing of touchscreen devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. These iDevices can visually reconfigure the controls for every application. Now, it looks like Apple is trying to break new ground yet again, in a big way.