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tough case

AppAdvice Daily: Get Sporty With New Apps And An Accessory, Plus A Gift Card Giveaway

Put on your helmet and grab your iPhone because we are getting sporty with new apps and accessories on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Go Retro With The Musubo Retro Case For iPhone 5

Watch today's show to see the Retro case by Musubo in action.

AppAdvice Slice: X-Protect iPhone Case

Looking for a tough case that's squishy and light, yet high on protection? On today's show we're featuring the G-Form X-Protect iPhone case.

AppAdvice Slice: The Griffin Protector Case

On today's show, we're featuring a case that's a little tougher than average, but is also big on looks. Watch for a full review of the Griffin Protector.