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Think different again, as Apple updates the slogan's trademark

On the trademark beat, Apple is updating an old, but popular, slogan.

The time isn't right for Apple Watch in Switzerland

Thanks to an almost-expired trademark, Apple Watch cannot be directly marketed in Switzerland.

Apple can now register retail store layouts as trademarks in Europe

It's now possible for Apple to apply for Apple Store layout trademarks in Europe.

Apple Officially Granted Trademark For 'Passbook'

Apple has been officially granted a trademark for the term "Passbook."

Apple Could Have Trouble Securing The 'iWatch' Trademark In The US, UK

It would appear that in both the United States and the United Kingdom, Apple could face trouble when attempting to secure a trademark for its anticipated "iWatch."

Apple's 'iWatch' Trademark Spree Reaches Mexico, Taiwan, Turkey

Apple has applied for "iWatch" trademarks in Mexico, Taiwan, and Turkey.

Apple's iWatch Could Be Incoming As The Company Files For Another Trademark

Should we start getting excited about Apple's long-rumored iWatch?

Apple Wins 'iBooks' Trademark Lawsuit, Will Continue To Use The Name

It looks like Apple's use of the "iBooks" name is safe ... for the time being.

USPTO Withdraws Initial Refusal Over Apple's 'iPad mini' Trademark Application

The USPTO has withdrawn its initial "iPad mini" trademark refusal even without any objections from Apple.

Patently Odd: Apple's 'iPad mini' Trademark Application Denied By USPTO

Apple's trademark woes have just been exacerbated by the refusal to grant Apple the exclusive rights to the "iPad mini" name.

Apple's iPhone Trademark Dispute In Brazil Faces Resolution

Care to hazard a guess as to how much Apple would be paying IGB for the iPhone trademark in Brazil?

Apple Loses iPhone Trademark In Brazil, Lodges Appeal Against Ruling

Apple has just lost the "iPhone" trademark in Brazil, reports BBC News.

Apple To Lose iPhone Naming Rights in Brazil, Trademark Owner Open To Settle

Apple is about to lose the right over its iPhone trademark in Brazil, according to Reuters.

And So The Apple-Proview iPad Trademark Dispute Continues

Since February, a Chinese company called Proview has been at war with Apple regarding the Cupertino, CA company's use of the worldwide "iPad" trademark. Now, we're hearing that a Chinese court has postponed ruling on the case until the two companies have completed court-sponsored mediation, according to Apple Insider.

Proview Suing Apple For Billions, Won't Settle For Less (Except That Of Course They Will)

Proview's settlement expectations are just a tad unrealistic.

Proview Ready To Talk "iPad" With Apple, Settlement Imminent?

After a few small wins (and some serious setbacks), Proview is finally ready to settle its "iPad" claims.

Apple Threatens Defamation Suit In Chinese iPad Trademark Tussle

Apple has threatened to file a defamation suit against a Chinese firm at the center of a tussle over the iPad trademark in the country.

Apple Granted Trademark For "There's An App For That!"

Apple has officially trademarked the phrase, "there's an app for that!" After applying for the trademark way back in December of last year, Apple was recently granted the trademark on Thursday. Read on to find out more...