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Triniti Interactive

Review: Yoo! Sports - Your Personal Sports Resort

Anyone who owns a Wii has played Wii Sports at some point, and now Triniti's brought a similar experience to the iPhone. Create an avatar from a trillion unique combinations and participate in a variety of sports. As fun as it sounds, is this just another one of Triniti's Gameboxes in disguise?

Felix Xiao

Review: Gamebox 2 - Quantity vs. Quality

Triniti Interactive's first Gamebox featured 36 rather simple action games in a single app and quickly became a hit. However, most of the games included lacked depth and were mere copies of other developers' creations. The newly-released Gamebox 2 contains 10 different and more-polished games for $2.99, but is this collection just a more expensive version of its predecessor? Read on to find out.

Felix Xiao


All-In-1 Gamebox features 25 games for $0.99! Most of these games miss the mark, but how many are worth playing? Read on to find out our favorites.

Robert Horner