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Triniti Interactive

Kritter Ball Takes Classic Pinball And Releases It Into The Wild

There's a new pinball iOS game in the App Store, and it's called Kritter Ball.

There's A New Call Of Mini On The Block As Infinity Launches For iOS

Call of Mini Infinity is now available to download in the App Store.

Become Part Of An Elite Covert Action Team In WarCorps: Genesis

WarCorps: Genesis is a tactical third person shooter.

TinyLegends - Crazy Knight Brings The Fight To Your iDevice

Triniti Interactive launches another dual stick title. Does TinyLegends have what it takes to stand out from the crowd?

Love Hack And Slash RPGs? Give Devildark: The Fallen Kingdom A Try

Devildark: The Fallen Kingdom is a hack and slash RPG with some serious interface issues.

Review: Yoo! Sports - Your Personal Sports Resort

Anyone who owns a Wii has played Wii Sports at some point, and now Triniti's brought a similar experience to the iPhone. Create an avatar from a trillion unique combinations and participate in a variety of sports. As fun as it sounds, is this just another one of Triniti's Gameboxes in disguise?

Review: Gamebox 2 - Quantity vs. Quality

Triniti Interactive's first Gamebox featured 36 rather simple action games in a single app and quickly became a hit. However, most of the games included lacked depth and were mere copies of other developers' creations. The newly-released Gamebox 2 contains 10 different and more-polished games for $2.99, but is this collection just a more expensive version of its predecessor? Read on to find out.

Buyer Beware: What Is Triniti Interactive Doing?

The makers of the All-In-1 Gamebox have been doing some questionable work lately. It all hurts the consumer, so click through to find out all about it.

Review: Coastal Super-Combat - Coast Defense Plus Fieldrunners?

From the makers of the All In 1 Gamebox comes Coastal Super Combat which is a new castle defense game. The game shares similarities to Coast Defense and Fieldruuners, but read on to find out if it stands on it's own.


All-In-1 Gamebox features 25 games for $0.99! Most of these games miss the mark, but how many are worth playing? Read on to find out our favorites.