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triple entendre

Put Your Vocabulary On The Ropes With Fast-Paced Word Grind

James Porter's newest iOS app is twitchy take on oldschool word assembly.

The App Store's Undisputed King Of Quandaries Goes Free

Trade in your dunce cap for a thinking cap, and give Triple Entendre a try.

Triple Entendre Available Free In The App Store For Limited Time Only

The award-winning puzzle game is free for a day, so you can finally tease your brain and tickle your pocketbook at the same time!

Shoot For The Moon With Triple Entendre SciFi, Plus Win A Copy!

Triple Entendre Scifi is hands down (or eight fingers up?) the best release in the series so far.

Mind-bending "Triple Entendre" An Impossible iOS Puzzler

There are brain teasers and then there are BRAIN TEASERS. Triple Entendre is the latter.