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TSMC's 'iPhone 7' chip production could be impacted by recent earthquake

TSMC suffered damage from a recent earthquake. Could this impact on chips destined for the next-generation iPhone?

TSMC will reportedly be the sole supplier of Apple chips for 'iPhone 7'

The world's largest dedicated independent semiconductor foundry will reportedly be the only manufacturer of "iPhone 7" processors.

What would a 7-nanometer process mean for the iPhone?

Does a smaller fabrication process make for a better processor?

Apple says different A9 chips vary in battery life only 2 to 3 percent

The A9 chipset powering the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is made by two different companies - TSMC and Samsung.

Update: You'll get more battery life with some iPhone 6s devices

If you're a heavy iPhone user, you might be better off with some iPhone 6s models than others.

Apple's 'A9' processor will be produced by Samsung, not TSMC

Your 2015 iPhone is likely to feature an Apple "A9" chip made by Samsung.

An iPhone 6 teardown confirms that the A8 chip is made by TSMC, not Samsung

The chip is up to 25 percent faster than the previous generation A7.

Apple may come to Samsung's rescue, but not until 2015

Samsung's profits continue to decline.

TSMC could lose 2015 A-series chip orders to Samsung, reports claim

It looks like Apple really is having a hard time breaking up with Samsung.

Apple finally broke away from Samsung as TSMC began shipping A-series chips in Q2

TSMC started shipping A-series processors to Apple in Q2 2014, a recent report claims.

TSMC Provides The First Touch ID Sensors For iPhone 6, iPad Air 2 And iPad mini 3

The first Touch ID units for Apple's next-generation iOS devices have already been delivered, according to a recent report.

Is Samsung Manufacturing Apple's A8 Chip After All?

Samsung has already signed a contract to produce Apple's new chip, according to a new source.

TSMC Has Reportedly Started Production Of Apple's Next-Generation A8 Chip

Longtime Apple partner Samsung has apparently been left out in the cold.

Current Touch ID Sensor Production Method To Be Used For The iPhone 6

Apple is hoping Touch ID isn't going to slow down iPhone 6 production later this year.

Apple's New A-Series Processors Are Getting Smaller As TSMC Takes Over

Processors in future iOS devices are likely to be smaller.

Apple Will Partner With GlobalFoundries To Make A-Series Chips

The chips will be manufactured at a plant in upstate New York.

Apple Is Reportedly Moving The Majority Of A8 Chip Production Away From Samsung

According to a new report, TSMC will be producing 60 to 70 percent of the next-generation chips that power iOS devices.

Apple Is Having A Hard Time Saying Goodbye To Samsung As A Parts Supplier

Apple's divorce from Samsung has hit a number of obstacles.

Apple Decreases Its Dependence On Samsung, Signs Chip Deal With TSMC

Apple is indeed planning on moving a percentage of its chip production away from Samsung and towards TSMC, according to The Wall Street Journal.

TSMC Said To Be Supplying 'A8' Chips For Apple's 2014 iOS Devices

Apple and TSMC are said to have recently signed a three-year manufacturing deal.

Intel Likely To Join TSMC And Samsung As An Apple 'A7' Chip Provider

Intel is likely to grab 10 percent of Apple's mobile chip business.

So Long, Samsung: Apple Switches To TSMC For A6X Processor Production

Apple has already requested Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to produce its next-generation A6X processors.

Apple Attempts To Purchase Exclusive Access To TSMC Chip Production For iDevices

According to a new report from Bloomberg, both Apple and Qualcomm recently attempted to purchase exclusive access to chip supplies from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), but failed, as the chip supplier instead wishes to avoid signing an exclusive deal.