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My Digit Is Like The Classic Card Game War, But Requires A Strategy

Based on the classic card game War, My Digit makes the game about more than just luck.

Shoot Down Enemy Planes Before They Get You In Aeroplanes

Can't get enough of Battleship-like games? Then take your strategy to the skies in Aeroplanes.

Dungeonism Is A Cute And Colorful Turn-And-Tile-Based Dungeon Crawler

Dungeonism is a fun new addition to the App Store, which offers players a "turn-and-tile-based" dungeon crawling experience.

Finest Hour Is A New, Impressive Turn-Based Strategy Game For iPhone

Finest Hour is a brand new turn-based strategy game for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Keep Game Time Fun With These Turn Based Asynchronous Games

Keep game time going with these endlessly fun asynchronous games.

Decorate Your Refrigerator And Show How Smart You Are With Fridge Frenzy

Can you find the best words in your set of letters? Prove your word creation skills with Fridge Frenzy.

Gather Treasures And Recruit Allies To Protect Your Castle In iHeroes

In iHeroes, a turn-based strategy game, you control a single hero unit running around a large map full of gold, allies and monsters to collect, acquire and kill.

Line Up The Numbers On The Faces To Get The Best Score You Can In Dice With Buddies

Dice With Buddies is a great turn-based puzzle game that has you using five dice to accumulate the highest score you can. Playing the game is quite simple and a lot of fun.

Battle Fleet, Not Your Grandma’s Game Of Battleship

Battle Fleet is a strategy game of military action, pitting the United States against Japan in a Pacific war inspired showdown. Reminiscent of the game of Battleship, there is so much more to this than simply calling out numbers and letters, and hoping you hit something.

Review: Disc Drivin' - Racing With Friends?

Disc Drivin' is a turn based racing game kinda like what Words With Friends is for a word game. You flick the discs to send them forward in a racing game based on strategy more than anything else.

Review: Rimelands: Hammer Of Thor - Its Hammertime!

Rimelands: Hammer of Thor gives you ample opportunities to get hammered or hammer others. Which fate awaits you in this hybird RPG is up to you and your skills.