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Jailbreak Only: AirBlue Brings Bluetooth File Sharing Capability To iPhone

AirBlue is a new jailbreak tweak that brings Bluetooth sharing functionality to the iPhone.

Jailbreak Only: Add A Custom Background Photo To Siri

Change Siri's background to anything your heart desires with this new tweak.

Jailbreak Only: Use CommandSpot To Improve Spotlight Search On Your iDevice

Use Spotlight search to its full potential with this new tweak.

Jailbreak Only: Never Miss A Photo Or Video Opportunity With Snappy5

Snappy5 will start your iDevice's camera faster than you can say "cheese!"

Jailbreak Only: DeepEnd - Make Your iPhone's Display 3-D For Free

DeepEnd is a free jailbreak tweak developed by Ryan Petrich, which adds a glasses-free 3-D effect to your iPhone’s display by harnessing the power of the device’s built-in gyroscope.

Jailbreak Only: QuickGoogle - Search Google From Anywhere On Your iPhone

QuickGoogle is a new jailbreak tweak that allows users to easily search Google from anywhere on their iPhone. As you can see in the above screenshot, a pop-up Google Search box appears on-screen whenever a pre-set Activator action is performed.

Jailbreak Only: FlashLock - Turn Flash On From The Lock Screen

Former TweakWeek developer Filippo Bigarella has recently released FlashLock - a tweak that allows users to activate the iPhone's flash light from the Lock screen.

Jailbreak Only: MathAlarm - Petrich's Last TweakWeek Tweak

The last jailbreak tweak to be developed by Ryan Petrich as part of "TweakWeek" is MathAlarm.

Jailbreak Only: SliderBar - Today's TweakWeek Adds Quick Scrolling To All Table Views

Today's "TweakWeek" tweak (which is brought to you by Ryan Petrich) is SliderBar, a tweak that brings "quick scrolling" to applications that sport a table view.

Jailbreak Only: RunningIndicator - TweakWeek Number Five Makes Running App Icons Glow!

RunningIndicator is a brand new jailbreak tweak, developed as part of TweakWeek, which adds a "glow" to the icons of applications which are running in the background.

Jailbreak Only: Read Later Action - TweakWeek Number Four

It's day number four of TweakWeek, and Ryan Petrich (@rpetrich) has developed and released Read Later Action. This simple-but-handy tweak allows users to quickly and easily send items to Instapaper via Action Menu.

Jailbreak Only: Call Delete - Easily Delete Individual Calls From Your iPhone's Log

Call Delete is a new jailbreak tweak, which allows users to clear individual calls from the Phone app's records. Currently, the package is available to download via the BigBoss Repository for $1.29.

Jailbreak Only: TweakWeek Recap - DietBar & PagePusher

Earlier today, we told you about SplitMail - a simple but effective jailbreak tweak, developed by Ryan Petrich as part of "TweakWeek." However, this free, open-source jailbreak tweak was tweak number three. Now, we're going to tell you about Petrich's first two TweakWeek tweaks: DietBar and PagePusher.

Jailbreak Only: SplitMail - Developed As Part Of TweakWeek

SplitMail is a recently developed jailbreak tweak, which allows iPad owners to view and preview mail in two columns within the Mail app, when in portrait mode.

Jailbreak Only: TidySpring - Disable Features You Aren't Using & Improve Your iPhone's Performance

TidySpring is a new tweak, which allows users to toggle every resource-munching feature in the iOS on or off, ultimate resulting in a quicker iPhone handset.

Access Your iDevice's File System With Phone Disk - Now Free For A Limited Time

Phone Disk can be downloaded for free until December 1, 2010. View your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch files directly from the Mac Finder or Explorer on a PC. Read more...

How To Create Your Own Speed Dial Icons For Free

You don't have to download an app or jailbreak your phone to create speed dial icons for your springboard. In just three steps, you could add as many speed dial icons as you have the energy to create.

Jailbreak Only: FullScreen For Safari Brings Gestures To Mobile Safari

I love being able to surf the web using multi-touch gestures on my MacBook Pro. I've gotten so used to it that I often find myself doing three-finger back swipes on my iPhone, only to remember that it doesn't support it. Well, if this is just as frustrating to you, as it is to me, I have fantastic news. A new jailbreak tweak released today will allow you to control mobile Safari using your beloved multi-touch gestures. Read more...

Jailbreak Only: Mobile Safari Gets Private Browsing Mode With Covert

Want to keep some of your Mobile Safari browsing sessions off the record? There is a jailbreak tweak for that.

iOS 4 Jailbreak: What's Compatible?

Don't know what Cydia applications and tweaks are compatible with iOS 4? This new compatibility spreadsheet may be your new best friend!