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twitter integration

How To Tweet Your Contacts With Siri

There’s a hidden feature in iOS 6 that allows you to send tweets to your contacts using Siri.

Apple Considered Making Twitter Part Of The Family

According to recent reports, Apple may be looking to invest a large sum of money in Twitter.

Here's How You Can Fix Missing Mentions In The Twitter App

Are you having trouble seeing Twitter mentions in the official app?

New Study Claims 40 Percent Of Tweeted Photos Come From Apple Products

Since the launch of iOS 5 (which adds Twitter integration to iOS devices), Apple fans have been going tweetin' mad, signing-up to the micro-blogging social network like there's no tomorrow and uploading photos to the website using the built-in Photos app. Now, a new study has claimed that two out of every five photos uploaded to Twitter come from an Apple product, and that the Photos app is the seventh most popular photo sharing client for Twitter.

Twitter CEO: Integration In iOS 5 Has Tripled Daily Twitter Sign-Ups

In a recent interview, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo noted that sign-ups for the social network have increased by three times since Apple's Twitter integration feature (in iOS 5) went public. He also noted that over 250 million tweets are being published each day, meaning Twitter is serving one billion tweets every four to five days.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey To Developers: Take Advantage Of iOS 5's Twitter Integration Feature

In a note to developers, Twitter's Jack Dorsey (@jack) described Twitter integration in Apple's iOS 5 as "an opportunity for us, together, to take the ecosystem to a new level."

Jailbreak Only: Once iOS 5 Arrives, It Will Be Possible To Tweet From Anywhere

According to a recent article, once the final version of iOS 5 becomes available a jailbreak tweak will be released, which will allow users to tweet from anywhere within the iOS.

It's Already Possible To Tweet "Via iOS" In iOS 5

A couple of days ago, Jake Behrens (an Apple developer) send out a tweet that was delivered "via iOS." Because the tweet didn't include a content link (photo, video, webpage or map reference), some people got pretty excited, and decided that this suggests that the final version of iOS 5 will allow users to "tweet from anywhere."

Twitter's New Photo Service Is Already Inside iOS 5

Twitter might have the official release of its photo service for later week, but iOS developers can access it ahead of everyone else. That's right, the service is built-in to the first beta version of iOS 5, which was released yesterday.

All You Need To Know About iOS 5's WWDC Preview

Apple's new iOS 5 features are many in number and awesome by nature. Read on for the full preview.