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Win A Copy Of Desk Fountain

No need to make room for a zen water fountain on your desk when you can use Desk Fountain.

Grab TapShot While You Still Can

Don't miss your chance to get TapShot, which has a feature that Apple will no longer be permitting. Plus, it's on sale—for free!

Win A Copy Of Ripple HD

Do you need some zen in your life?

Win A Copy Of Ripple HD!

Ripple HD has been updated and is more relaxing than ever.

Win A Copy Of QuickPix

Win a copy of a universal camera app which allows you to take still photos while you're shooting video.

Your Chance To Win Ripple HD

Could your life use a little de-stressing? Have you been looking for an app that could help?

Ripple HD Now Has A Free Version, Plus We Have Promo Codes For The Paid Version

Ripple HD now has a free, ad-supported version. But you can win a copy of the paid version by commenting on this article!

TapShot Lets You Customize Your Camera

TapShot is a brand-new camera app that is totally customizable. You decide which features you want, how you access them, and how your display should look.

Win A Promo Code For My 20

Send your friends your exact location in seconds.

Get Zen With Ripple HD — And We Have Promo Codes!

Are you a fan of sand-combing apps, nature sound apps, and other relaxation apps? If so, then you will probably enjoy the new universal app Ripple HD.

QuickAdvice: Mood Camera Is Psychedelic Photo Fun - Plus, Win a Promo Code!

Take cool psychedelic photos with your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad 2.

QuikCam Updated - New Features, New Name - Plus, Win A Promo Code!

QuikCam, formerly known as QuickCam, has just gotten an update with some great new features. The responsive developer has already updated this weeks-old app to reflect requests from users.