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Improved Privacy Changes In iOS 7 To Keep Advertisers From Accessing Personal Data

Improved privacy as it relates to the way developers learn customer patterns for marketing purpose has been added to iOS 7.

Google Removes Support For UDID Access In Latest AdMob SDK For iOS

Google has just issued an update to its AdMob SDK for iOS in order to comply with an Apple policy that is set to take effect in just over three weeks.

Apple To Reject Apps With UDID Access, Without Retina And iPhone 5 Support

Apple has released a couple of new significant guidelines for iOS developers.

NBC: Florida Firm Unwilling Source Behind UDID Leak

A Florida company believes they were the ones where stolen Apple UDIDs were obtained.

Apple Says It Didn’t Give Any UDIDs To The FBI

Apple has issued a statement regarding the news yesterday that a hacker group compromised an FBI laptop with more than 12 million UDIDs from iOS devices.

Why Did The FBI Have 12 Million Apple UDIDs On One Laptop?

Was your iOS device's unique identifier leaked from an FBI computer?

Apple Cracking Down On Websites Selling Unauthorized iOS Beta Access

If you want to play Apple's game, you need to play by their rules. Apple is shutting down sites for back-alley iOS beta distribution.

Apple Rejecting Apps That Access UDID, Developers 'Scramble' To Work Something Out

With Apple rejecting apps that access your UDID, will developers keep their cool while making the changes they need to?

Apple Deprecates UDID Access - Will Prevent Creepy Developers From Tracking You

Apple has "deprecated" third-party access to your Unique Device Identifier (UDID) in iOS 5.

Report: iPhone Apps Pose Security Threat

A Bucknell University network administrator has concluded that third party apps can transmit our personal information. This could lead to others knowing where we are in real time. Read more...

Push Messages Are Doing Some Weird Things

If you're missing any Push Notifications, a simple fix may be all it takes to solve the problem.