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universal apps

Gameloft Plans On Including Universal App Support In All Future Titles

Gameloft has been launching all their recent iOS games in universal app format. This is no coincidence because the company plans on continuing to do this from now on, according to a new report. Look for all upcoming Gameloft games to launch as universal apps.

What Kind Of Surgeon Are You? Find Out With Stitches

Stitches will remind you of your younger days and the popular game of skill: "Operation." Stitches is very similar to that crazy board game, that scared the daylights out of you when you hit the side of the wound with the tweezers.

Faerie Solitaire Mobile HD Gives Solitaire A New Twist

Relax and unwind while you save the faeries in this solitaire game. Earn upgrades as you go through the many levels and fill up your energy bar.

Namco Releases Pac-Chomp! As A Universal App

Namco Releases a new Pac-Man game called Pac-Chomp! for iPhone and iPad. The Universal App is available for U.S. $.99.

Droplist Updated: Now Optimized For The iPad!

Droplist ($1.99) - the GTD iOS app that syncs with Dropbox - has just been updated. Now, Droplist is a universal app, and runs natively on all iOS devices.

Guns'n'Glory Drops To Free Temporarily

Western-themed tower defense game, Guns'n'Glory, went free for a limited time, so grab it while it's hot. The game has a mix of tower defense and RTS elements for a welcome change of pace.

Dungeon-Crawling Adventure, The Relic, Released As Universal App

A new dungeon-crawling hack and slash has been released called The Relic by Clickgamer. There will be lots of enemies on-screen for you to kill at-a-time.

Bug Heroes Gets Updated And Goes Free

Bug Heros update includes three in app purchases extending content and the bare-bones title can also be downlaoded for free now.

QuickAdvice: InAWorld...Drama - Make Your Own Movie Trailers

InAWorld…Drama ($1.99) by Optimum Drama, Inc. is a fun new app that lets you create your very own movie trailers on your iPhone and iPad.

First iPhone/iPad Universal App Approved By Apple Including Pandora and Evernote

Universal apps are starting to be approved. Your iPhone/iPod Touch apps will be receiving updates that add iPad functionality, but don't change the iPhone app. Two noteworthy apps are Pandora Radio and Evernote with brand new iPad interfaces.