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unlimited data plan

New Customers Not To Blame For AT&T's Increased Data Loads

AT&T smartphone users are finally figuring out how to manage all that expensive data.

AppAdvice Readers Expose More Bad News About AT&T Throttling

AT&T's throttling policies are worse than we previously imagined.

With AT&T Throttling Out Of Control, Ma Bell Blames You And Me

AT&T blames users for rampant throttling and then touts the merits of its expensive network.

Verizon Reportedly Wants FaceTime Over 3G To Be Limited To Tiered Data Plans

According to a recent report, Apple and Verizon are currently at loggerheads regarding "FaceTime over 3G," a feature expected to launch in iOS 5. Apparently, while Apple wishes for the feature to be available to all iPhone owners, Verizon is insisting that the feature only be accessible to customers enrolled in a tiered data plan.

Verizon To Abolish Unlimited Data Plans, Sign-Up Before It's Too Late

Verizon is planning on abolishing its unlimited smart phone data plan on July 7, but it's not all bad news: If you've already signed-up for an unlimited data plan by this date, you can keep the plan even when you upgrade or renew.