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More Details Regarding AT&T's Unlock Policy Hit The Web

Back on Friday, we told you AT&T would be unlocking iPhone handsets from Sunday, April 8, though we didn't know much regarding eligibility, the policy or even how our iPhones would be unlocked. Now, in an article originally published by The Next Web, all the details have been revealed. So if you're thinking about having your AT&T-powered iPhone unlocked, sit back and read through this article first.

Joe White

iPhone 4 Unlock Release Around The Corner

As we told you last night, the jailbreak wasn't the Dev-Team's only piece of iPhone hacking. Indeed, along with the jailbreak, Musclenerd and Planetbeing managed to previously develop a brand new unlock for the iPhone 4 which will allow you to use your iPhone 4 with almost any network.

Alexander Vaughn

Not Sure Which Jailbreak Tool You Need?

If you're not sure which jailbreak tool is right for you, read on to find out about Jailbreak Matrix - a table which matches your iDevice (and all its specifications) with the right jailbreak tool!

Joe White