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Cydia Tweak: Unlock Your iPhone Through The Power Of Music

This upcoming jailbreak tweak allows users to unlock their iPhone handsets in a novel way.

Today's Apps Gone Free: Starry Sky, Axon Runners, Today's Beer And More

Today's AGF list includes four different puzzle games to challenge your wits, a fun music creation app, a beer discovery app, hoverboarding action, an particle wave generating app , and a fast-paced game for vegetarians.

A New, Promising 'Permanent' SIM Unlock For AT&T iPhones Is Now Available To Purchase

Apple N Berry – the online parts vendor that also sells iPhone unlock solutions (such as GEVEY Ultra) – has a new product on the market, which promises to provide AT&T iPhone owners with a permanent unlock solution for their on-contract smartphone handset.

Unlock Is A Simple Title For A Simple Game

Some weird alien guy (not sure who or what he is) has been captured. The only way to free him (or it) is to solve a wooden block puzzle.

Gevey Launches New Ultra SIM 5.1 For The iPhone 4

AT&T might be unlocking off-contract iPhones, and it might even be possible to unlock jailbroken iPhone 4 and 4S handsets using the SAM package, but that doesn't mean the folks over at Applenberry are giving up.

Jailbreak Only: Redsn0w Updated - Now Back Up Activation Tickets Using SAM Unlock

The iPhone Dev-Team has recently released an updated version of redsn0w, which allows jailbreakers to back-up their iPhone's activation tickets thanks to the SAM unlock. Now, instead of manually backing-up activation tickets using, for example, iFile, jailbreak fans can have redsn0w do all the work for them.

Jailbreak Only: SAM Package Allows Users To Unlock iPhone 4S, iPhone 4

The Chinese iPhone hacker Loktar_Sun has, according to a number of reports, released an unlock method that supports Apple's iPhone 4S. In order to take advantage of the solution, all you need is a jailbroken iPhone handset that iTunes is recognising (i.e., that hasn't been blacklisted).

More Details Regarding AT&T's Unlock Policy Hit The Web

Back on Friday, we told you AT&T would be unlocking iPhone handsets from Sunday, April 8, though we didn't know much regarding eligibility, the policy or even how our iPhones would be unlocked. Now, in an article originally published by The Next Web, all the details have been revealed. So if you're thinking about having your AT&T-powered iPhone unlocked, sit back and read through this article first.

GEVEY SIM Unlock For iPhone 4S Now Available To Preorder Online

GEVEY has recently made a hardware-based unlock solution for the iPhone 4S - GEVY Ultra S - available to preorder online, and should ship in early March.

Pwnage Tool For iOS 5.0.1 Untethered Jailbreak Released

Soon after the release of an untethered iOS 5.0.1 jailbreak via RedSn0w, the Dev Team has just released Pwnage Tool 5.0.1.

Our Favorite Dev Teams Discuss Untethered iOS 5 Jailbreak, iPhone 4S Unlock

Today has definitely been an interesting day for the jailbreak community. Both the Chronic Dev Team and the iPhone Dev-Team have made announcements regarding the untethered iOS 5 jailbreak and iPhone 4S unlock, and the good news is that solutions for both are in the works and will, at some point, become available.

Unconfirmed: Potential Hack To Unlock Any iPhone Hits The Web

The web is getting all excited tonight over a potential hack that is reportedly allowing users with carrier locked GSM iPhones, to unlock their device to use on any network like T-Mobile. It's particularly simple, and requires no software or hardware modifications.

Here's How You Can Preserve Your iPhone's Baseband When Updating To iOS 5

Here's how you can preserve your iPhone's baseband when updating to iOS 5.

Jailbreak Only: Ultrasn0w For iOS 5 To Launch Tomorrow

Great news, unlockers! The iPhone Dev-Team has recently confirmed that an iOS 5 compatible version of ultrasn0w will launch in Cydia tomorrow, following a planned MobileSubstrate update.

Apple Blocks Gevey SIM Unlock In iOS 5 Beta 2

In the latest beta version of iOS 5, Apple has blocked Applenberry's Gevey SIM unlock, a hardware-based unlock solution for the iPhone.

Ultrasn0w iPhone Unlocking Tool Updated For iOS 4.3.1 Support

Following the release of the iOS 4.3.1 untethered jailbreak, the iPhone Dev Team just updated its unlocking tool Ultrasn0w for the new firmware.

Carrier Unlockers Beware: iOS 4.2.1 Checks Your Baseband Signature

Apple's latest software update, iOS 4.2.1, poses a threat to users who have employed a "carrier unlock" on their iPhone. As a result of this, carrier unlockers are urged to hold off updating their iPhone's iOS until the Dev-Team gives the thumbs-up. Read on to find out more...

iPhone 4 Unlock Is Live

Right on schedule (this morning), the iPhone Dev Team released, a brand new version of Ultrasn0w, its iPhone unlocking too

iPhone 4 Unlock Release Around The Corner

As we told you last night, the jailbreak wasn't the Dev-Team's only piece of iPhone hacking. Indeed, along with the jailbreak, Musclenerd and Planetbeing managed to previously develop a brand new unlock for the iPhone 4 which will allow you to use your iPhone 4 with almost any network.

Not Sure Which Jailbreak Tool You Need?

If you're not sure which jailbreak tool is right for you, read on to find out about Jailbreak Matrix - a table which matches your iDevice (and all its specifications) with the right jailbreak tool!

iPhone 4 Now Unlocked - Release Still Pending

Good news for those of you whose iPhone came SIM-locked and are looking for some carrier freedom. Planetbeing of the Dev-Team has announced on Twitter that he and the Dev-team have now completed the iPhone 4 unlock.

Geohot Leaves Jailbreaking Behind

Geohot, a well-known iPhone hacker, announces LimeRa1n, a jailbreak for the iPhone 4. The bad news? He's leaving.

iPhone Dev Team Jailbreaks iOS 4 For iPhone 3G And iPod Touch

A few hours after Apple's highly anticipated iOS 4 software update was released, the notorious iPhone Dev Team managed to jailbreak it. Read on to find out more!

iOS 4 Has Been Unlocked With Ultrasn0w On iPhone 3GS

iOS4 is now unlockable thanks to the iPhone Dev Team, who have released an official ultrasn0w unlock that should open up any iPhone 3GS on iOS 4 with 04.26.08 to any carrier. Read on for more information.