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unlocked iphone

Apple Is Now Accepting Orders For Unlocked iPhone 5s Handsets In The US

You can now preorder an unlocked iPhone 5s in the United States.

If You Want An Unlocked iPhone 4S, You're Going To Have To Wait

Bad news for those of you hoping to grab an unlocked iPhone 4S this month. While preorders for carrier-locked handsets (available with AT&T, Verizon and Sprint) opened recently, Apple notes on its website that the unlocked, unsubsidized version of the iPhone 4S won't be available until November, 2011.

Top AppAdvice Industry & App News Of The Week

This week, we've seen a lot - Apple released unlocked iPhone 4 handsets, a Facebook for iPad app is (probably) coming and - as per usual - another person is suing Apple.

iPhone 4 Unlocked FAQ: Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Twelve months after its introduction, the iPhone 4 is now available from Apple in the U.S. in an unlocked version. To clarify what this means for customers (besides a higher initial price tag), we’ve compiled this handy FAQ sheet.

Unlocked iPhone 4 Handsets Available Online - $649 & $749

Apple is now selling unlocked iPhone 4 handsets in the USA. The handsets are available to purchase for $649 (16 gigabyte) and $749 (32 gigabyte) respectively.

Unlocked iPhone 4 Handsets Available From Tomorrow, Starting At $649? (Updated)

A source within American Apple Stores has reportedly confirmed that unlocked iPhone 4 handsets will indeed be available to purchase from tomorrow.

Unlocked iPhones Rumored To Come To US Apple Stores This Wednesday

iPhone 4s should soon be officially available in Apple Stores across the US.

Rogers, Fido Offering New Unlocking iPhone Policy For $50

While U.S. consumers continue to be annoyed with AT&T’s iPhone monopoly, folks in Canada have reason to cheer. Rogers, and its budget subsidiary, Fido have announced a plan where their current customers can unlock iPhones for just $50 CAD. Read more ...