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unreal engine

Uppercut Games' Upcoming Submerged Makes Great Use Of The Unreal Engine

The Unreal Engine is being utilized by an impressive upcoming app called Submerged.

Epic Games Launches Unreal Engine 4, Available To Developers For $19 Per Month

Epic Games has just launched Unreal Engine 4, the latest generation of its popular cross-platform game engine.

Rodeo Games Grabs Unreal Engine 4 License For Upcoming Mobile Title

Rodeo Games is set to launch an Unreal Engine 4-powered mobile title in the near future.

Mobile Gameplay Recording Is Coming To Unreal Engine-Powered iOS Games

Epic Games' Unreal Engine for iOS is set to get an in-game recording feature.

Ex-Midway Games Idea Becomes ‘Project Awakened’ Kickstarter Campaign

Looking to spend some of your tax return money? Try investing in the gaming world.

Infinity Blade: Dungeons Gets A First Look At Apple Event

Epic Games was on today's Apple event stage to show off their newest app, Infinity Blade: Dungeon.

Infinity Blade II Now Available In The U.S. App Store - Get Your Copy For $6.99

Great news, Apple fans: while we've all been dozing away in slumberland, the guys over at Epic Games' chAIR Entertainment have made Infinity Blade II available in the U.S. App Store. Now, fans in the United States can purchase and download the highly anticipated sequel to Infinity Blade for just $6.99. The application, which boasts high quality graphics and lighting effects, is a universal app and therefore is compatible with all of Apple's iOS devices.

New Website Created For The Dark Meadow Along With A Teaser

A new website and teaser have been created for the upcoming iOS horror FPS game, The Dark Meadow. The game is powered by the Unreal Engine and will offer stunning graphics. Look for the release sometime this month.

Bizango Blast: An Upcoming iOS App That Looks Like A Whole Lot Of Fun

Bizango Blast is an upcoming iOS app, which is developed using the Unreal Development Kit and offers an Angry Birds style game with one major difference – Bizango is in 3D.

LucasArts To Develop Its Own iOS Games Based On The Unreal Engine

LucasArts signed a deal with Epic Games to use the Unreal 3 Engine for game development across various platforms. We may see some great-looking game popping up on the iDevices with LucasArts behind them.

Speedbump Studios Postpones Dream.scape Due To Technical Issues

It looks like the next Unreal project may only be available for the newest iDevices. Devices below the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 may not have the memory to run the game.

GDC 11: A New Graphics Engine to Top Infinity Blade's Unreal Engine?

When Infinity Blade hit the iPhone, its Unreal graphics engine took center stage. It was heralded as the future of iOS gaming. This week, we met with a small-time studio who has managed to build a 3D graphics engine even more impressive than Unreal. Click through to see it in action, and find out about the two-man team behind it.