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Namco Bandai IGNITE Interest In Their Upcoming Games With Special Event

Namco Bandai Games hosted IGNITE 2011 special event, and had a slew of games to show including iOS games. Read on to find out all the details.

Galaxy On Fire 2 Launches Tomorrow - Hotly Anticipated To Say The Least

Galaxy On Fire 2 launches tomorrow, and is one of the most highly anticipated games yet after over a year in the making, and following such a great original, which is free today. Click through to find out all the details.

Revolt And Age Of Zombies Have Been Submitted

Two highly anticipated dual stick shooters have been submitted to Apple, and should be available within the next two weeks. Read on to find out all about Revolt and Age of Zombies.

Sneak Peek: The Moonsters - The Moonsters Are Coming, The Moonsters Are Coming!

The goofy characters The Moonsters have crash landed on a planet, and you'll need all your physics puzzle prowess to guide them back home. Click through to find out all about The Moonsters including a movie like trailer.

From E3: Chillingo Keeps The Hits Coming

Chillingo was ready for E3 with many different iPhone and iPad games to show. Click through to read out all about them, and they will all be available sooner than you think.

From E3: Gameloft Shows A Frenzy of Sequels And New iPad Versions Of Existing Games

Gameloft rented their own limo bus for E3, and had plenty of upcoming games to show off. Read on to find out what will be heading to an App Store near you from the most prolific iPhone game publisher.

From GDC: LandFormer - Upcoming Puzzle Game From Streaming Colour

LandFormer is an upcoming puzzle game where you play god raising the and dropping the land to solve the challenging levels. We have early details from our hands on time at GDC.

Sneak Peek: Hands On With Zombie Smash - Castle Defense with Zombies!

Zombie Smash is an upcoming zombie castle defense game. Flick the zombies, and use all types of weapons to defend your house. Plus a hands on video of the game in action. Click though to read all about it.

Sneak Peek: Hellkid - Hook Champ Plus Canabalt Equals Fun?

Hellkid is an upcoming game that combines two well known game mechanics in a brand new game. Run, jump, and hook your way through the valley of souls. Find out all the details inside.

Sneak Peek: Hangman RSS - From the Creators of Guess the News

Hangman RSS is an upcoming game from the developers of the Guess the News. Guess the missing words in current news headlines using the hangman style word game. Find out all the details inside.

Sneak Peek: Gravity - Upcoming Physics Puzzler from Namco

Isaac Newton's Gravity is an upcoming physics based puzzle game from Namco. This is unlike any physics game we've seen on the iPhone yet. Find out all the details inside.

Sneak Peek: Tilt to Live - The Next Casual Gaming Sensation?

Tilt to Live is an upcoming accelerometer based game that has all the makings to be the next super addicting casual game. Guide an arrow away from red dots to live, plus use eight massive weapons to dispose of the red dots that have an AI. Read on to find out all of the details.

Sneak Peek: Guerilla Bob - Dual Stick Shooter to Change the App Store Landscape?

Guerilla Bob is an upcoming dual stick shooter that has the potential to change the category in the App Store. Right now the two main rivals are Minigore and iDracula, both of which are simple survivals in one area. Guerilla Bob progresses through levels with boss battles like a platformer. Click through to find out the details, and watch our hands on video of the game in action.