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upcoming games

Addictive PSP puzzler Lumines will be returning to iOS

One of the hottest games from the Sony PSP days is coming back to iOS.

AppAdvice Daily: Game Previews Galore From GDC

We are showing off the awesome game previews we got at GDC, on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Phosphor Games Announces Horn - Could This Be An Infinity Blade Killer?

Phosphor Games and Zynga team up to deliver what looks to be a gorgeous iOS gaming experience.

Square-Enix Teases New iOS Titles At E3

The folks behind the Final Fantasy franchise have a lot up their sleeves for this summer.

Movie Tie-In Game From Gameloft Coming Later This Year

Gameloft is hard at work with the movie tie-in game, The Adventures of Tintin. The game has been described as stealth-based -- with players moving from cover to cover.

Halfbrick Studios Releases A New Trailer For Their Upcoming Game

Halfbrick Studios has released a new trailer showing some of the gameplay of their upcoming endless runner called, Machine Gun Jetpack. The game should be available sometime this August.

Ubisoft Will Bring The Assasin's Creed Series To Tablets

Ubisoft has decided to bring some of their biggest games to tablets like the iPad. Among the future releases, Assasin's Creed has already been promised. Whether Ubisoft will develop these releases internally or outsource them to Gameloft remains to be seen.

Kickin' Momma Set To Launch As A Universal App On August 4

A new physics puzzler is heading for iOS on August 4. It is called Kickin' Momma and is being released by Hothead game studios. The title will launch as a universal app and features a momma kicking her offspring.

Platformer With Gravity-Flipping Gameplay Unveiled It's Called: Roboto

Roboto is an upcoming platformer showcased with a trailer from developer Fenix Fire. The game offers a gravity-flipping mechanic that will have you playing upside down at times. Look for it sometime this summer.

Square-Enix Unveils Teaser Of Upcoming Game

A new teaser has popped up that shows an upcoming game by Square-Enix is headed for the iPhone and iPad. No word yet on the title or what type of game it will be.

GDC 11: The Big Wrap-Up

After 22 GDC articles, we've finally reached the end. Click through for a round up of all the upcoming games.

GDC 11: EA Packs a Punch with Upcoming Games

EA showed up at GDC dressed to impress with a great lineup of upcoming iOS games. With Tiger Woods '12, and several other imaginative titles forthcoming, you will want to have the inside scoop on what EA will be up to this year. Click through to read more!

Gameloft Unveils A New Trailer For Zelda-Like iOS Game

Last week, Gameloft, the mobile gaming company that's made its name by developing iOS imitations of some of the most popular console-based titles on the market, published a short teaser on their youtube channel for a mysterious new game.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is Coming to the iPhone, Not as a Book, but as a Game

You will soon be able to read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies on your iPad. You'll also be able to play Pride and Prejudice and Zombies on your iPhone/iPod Touch thanks to Freeverse. Read on to find out all the details about the upcoming game.