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Jaggy Race Goes Universal As It Arrives On The iPad

Jaggy Race is an arcade racing game where you race on a challenging and unique single track that has you upside down, on your side and every which way you can imagine. We reviewed it last month, and now the app has been updated. It is now a universal app and it also has some other improvements.

Clinton Ferreira

Welcome To The New AppAdvice!

As you've surely noticed by now, has been fully retooled, rethought, and re-imagined. Okay we won't go that far, but it has been redesigned. We worked really hard to make sure this wasn't just a change in look, but an actual site UPGRADE, we hope you'll agree.

Mahmoud Hafez

Pano Updated - Support For Retina Display Added

Pano, which allows users to take great panoramic photos on their iPhone (or fourth-gen iPod touch) has just received a great update. The new version adds support for Retina display, which will be much appreciated by many iDevice owners. Read on to find out more about the update!

Joe White