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uppercut games

Robot combat shooter Epoch 2 goes free for first time ever as Apple's App of the Week

Epoch 2 has just gone free for the first time since its launch in November last year.

Uppercut Games' Upcoming Submerged Makes Great Use Of The Unreal Engine

The Unreal Engine is being utilized by an impressive upcoming app called Submerged.

Here's How You Can Get The Acclaimed Robocalyptic Cover Shooter Epoch 2 For Free

Epoch 2 has just been selected by IGN as its Free Game of the Month.

Epoch 2's First Major Update Has You Covered With 64-Bit Support Plus More

Epoch 2 has just been reloaded with more potential for even more exciting cover shooter action through its first ever major update.

Long-Awaited Robot Combat Cover Shooter Sequel Epoch.2 Finally Comes Out In The Open

Epoch.2, the highly anticipated sequel to the acclaimed Epoch cover shooter, has been launched today on iOS.

Epic Post-Apocalyptic Robot Combat Cover Shooter Sequel Epoch 2 Coming Soon To iOS

Uppercut Games is set to make another epoch-making turn in iOS gaming as the sequel to its acclaimed Epoch game gears up for launch in the App Store.

EPOCH Just Got More Epic With Update For Retina Graphics And More

With this graphics-enhancing update, robots in combat across post-apocalyptic wastelands have never looked so good.

Enjoy Gesture-Based Combat In The Gorgeous Shooter, EPOCH

EPOCH is a futuristic gesture-based shooter with stunning graphics and fast-paced gameplay.