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PlusUs will change the way you charge your iOS devices

Two cool new USB cables, Lifestar and Lifelink, might make you ditch your Apple cord.

Rumor: First Shots Of Possible Apple-Branded Micro USB Cable

Talk of Apple finally moving away from the 30 pin connector and moving to micro-USB has been going on for ages. Yet, for the first time since last summer, we're seeing some evidence that might suggest Apple will finally make the jump with the next iPhone.

Patent Watch: MagSafe Coming To The iPad?

When you consider how great Apple's MagSafe charging plug is, it's a bit surprising that they haven't included it in every one of their products yet. The fact that this magnetic plug can just unplug itself when you step on the cord has saved many devices. Soon it may be also saving our iPads and iPhones.

iPhone 5 To Have Standardized USB Port?

Apple enjoys trendsetting, but they also love consistency. A recent agreement with the European Union may mean Apple loses some of that consistency to add standardized USB to the iPhone.

Mac Maniacs Can Finder Their iPhone, Without Jailbreak!

Want your iDevice to show up in the Finder, like other USB devices, without having to jailbreak your device? There's an (OSX) app for that!

Charging The iPhone 4: USB vs. Outlet

We all know that charging your iPhone via a wall outlet is much quicker than plugging it into your laptop to charge via USB - but have you ever wondered how big the difference in charging time is? Read on!