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Plan Your Activities Through Optimal Weather Conditions in Foresee

Foresee is a weather app that works with you to plan out your favorite outdoor events and activities.

Meld your iPhone with beautiful Dribbble designs in ZEEEN

You'll always find some inspiration or gorgeous design with this awesome new Dribbble app.

Slidebox is iPhone photo management done right

Apple could learn a thing or two about photo management from this sleek app.

Weather Nerd is a comprehensive weather app that is appropriately named

If you're a weather nerd, then Weather Nerd is an app that was made for you. However, there are still some flaws.

Rewind is the time tracker app that you don't even have to think about

Keep track of your time spent automatically with this slick app from Noidentity.

Keep count of anything and everything with Tally 2 from Agile Tortoise

Never lose count again thanks to this simple counter app from the developer behind Drafts 4.

Workflow gets a ton of new features and improvements in 1.1 update

Our favorite automation app on iOS just got even better in today's update.

Letterspace makes it a breeze to write on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Letterspace is a free app on both iOS and Mac that makes writing and editing a breeze.

Be more productive with your Mac thanks to Alfred Remote

Alfred Remote is a new app that serves as a fantastic complement to Alfred 2 on your Mac.

Turn your iPhone into a portable drive with Pocket Drive

Put all of that extra space on your iPhone to good use with Pocket Drive.

Crimson Keyboard is like the native iOS keyboard, but better

Finally, a third-party keyboard that feels like it actually belongs on iOS.

Wildcard is a refreshing new way to browse the mobile Web

There's always something to discover on the Internet with Wildcard.

Numerical is now free and goes big with a fresh coat of paint in latest update

The "Calculator Without Equal" gets a huge update and is now free for everyone.

With Omnistat, all of your iOS device stats are just a swipe away

With Omnistat, you won't be left wondering what is hogging up all of the resources on your iOS device.

Your favorites are now just a swipe away thanks to Launcher

Accessing your favorite contacts and apps has never been easier, thanks to iOS 8's Today widgets and Launcher.

With Awesome Screenshot for Safari, full screen capture has never been easier

With the Awesome Screenshot for Safari extension, capturing a full page and annotating it has never been simpler.

Time Zones is a slick new app to help you keep track of time all over the world

Time Zones, from the guy behind Unread and Riposte, is a super slick way to check the time for any location in the world.

Keeping in touch has never been easier thanks to Contact Center from Contrast

Contact Center, the latest app from the developers behind Launch Center Pro, makes it easy to contact your favorite people.

Clima brings style to iPhone weather apps, but does it have substance?

Is Clima good enough to be your main weather app? Let's find out.

Wake up to a better alarm every morning with Alrm Clock

Get that extra push you need every morning with this beautiful new alarm clock app.

Condense your searches into a single hub with Searchr

Searchr simplifies your search into a single place.

Spruce up your iMessages and SMS with Ultratext

Why send plain text messages when you can send some Ultratext?

Popular Launch Center Pro App Gets An IFTTT Channel And More In 2.3 Update

Our favorite app and action launcher just received a major update with powerful new features.

Keep A Separate Image Library For Reference And View Animated GIFs With Pictorian

Keep those memes and animated GIFs handy without cluttering up your Camera Roll with Pictorian.