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utility apps

Share links and files more quickly and easily with Pushbullet 3.0

This new update effectively amounts to a rebuilding of the core Pushbullet experience on the platform.

Password management app Enpass goes 5.0 with new design and features

Check out Enpass, which has just been updated to version 5.0 with new features and improvements.

Pushbullet gets redesigned for easier file and link sharing

Pushbullet has just been pushed to version 2.0 with a new design that makes it a messaging app as well as a file-sharing app.

Do more in less time with IFTTT's Do Button and Do Note apps for Apple Watch

If you're getting an Apple Watch, make sure you check out what IFTTT has in store for your wrist.

Scanbot now lets you set reminders, log in with 1Password and scan all you can

The excellent document scanning app Scanbot has just become even more so with the arrival of its latest update.

Pushbullet takes continuity across devices and platforms to the next level

Pushbullet is now available on iPad and Mac as well as iPhone.

The wonderful Be My Eyes app for iOS lets you lend your eyes to the blind

Be My Eyes is easily one of the best uses of iOS I’ve seen — no pun intended.

First #Homescreen update lets you easily compare iPhone home screens with your friends

The first ever update to #Homescreen constitutes a nice first step toward making the app more social.

Nintype update proves Apple's app extension guidelines just don't add up

Apple’s nebulous guidelines regarding app extensions in iOS 8 has claimed another casualty.

Google updates Drive, Authenticator, Photo Sphere Camera and Inbox apps for iOS

Google has just released notable updates to four of its iOS apps: Google Drive, Google Authenticator, Photo Sphere Camera, and Inbox.

'Tis the season for gifting the acclaimed Scanbot document scanner and QR reader

Fresh off its being hailed by Apple as one of the best apps of 2014 on the App Store, Scanbot has received a notable update.

Knock for iPhone now lets you lock as well as unlock your Mac via Bluetooth

The Mac-unlocking utility app Knock has just received its first major update.

IFTTT updated with new channels plus optimizations for iOS 8 and iPhone 6

IFTTT for iOS has just received an update that notably adds support for a number of new services.

Searchr finds biggest update yet featuring iOS 8 enhancements and more

Searchr, the all-in-one utility app for search combined with actions, has just found its biggest update yet.

Panic's Prompt SSH client for iOS gets sequel boasting new design and new features

Prompt, the acclaimed SSH client app for iOS created by Panic, now has a sequel.

Awesome Screenshot for Safari out now on iOS thanks to iOS 8's Share extension feature

The popular webpage screenshot utility software Awesome Screenshot is now available on Safari for iOS.

Disk App is a fun and powerful new way to clear up space on your Mac

Is your Mac feeling a little bit sluggish? Are you running out of disk space, but aren’t sure which files to delete? Consider the newly released Disk App.

'Bincrypted' content storage and sharing app Mustbin updated with improvements

The private, secure, and "Bincrypted" data storage and sharing app Mustbin has just received another major update.

Realmac updates Ember for Mac with screen recording feature

Realmac Software has released another major update to Ember, its popular digital scrapbook app for Mac.

Create the perfect cup of coffee with AeroPress Timer 2.0

AeroPress Timer has just been updated to version 2.0.

Blockchain unchained: popular Bitcoin wallet app re-enters the App Store

The popular Bitcoin wallet app Blockchain has just made its comeback on the App Store.

Bluetooth-powered smart lock Kevo updated with new Guest and Scheduled eKeys

The Bluetooth-powered smart lock system Kevo has just been enhanced with new eKeys and an improved user experience.

SamKnows home broadband utility app gains iPad support and device selection feature

SamKnows has just updated its official iOS app with universal support.

Find Out Who's Been Pulling An NSA And Nosing Into Your iPhone With Catchr

Touted as a "privacy guardian," Catchr is a new app that helps you keep your private stuff private.