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Get into the lovey dovey spirit with these Valentine's Day versions of iOS apps

Celebrate Valentine's Day in style with these special Valentine's Day themed apps.

Plan Your Date For Valentine's Day With These iPad Apps

Leave your stress and worries behind as you make Valentine's Day date plans with your iPad.

AppList Updated: Apps For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is less than a week away! Time to plan that special evening.

New AppList: Romantic Apps

For all of your romantics out there, Valentine's Day is your day! Perhaps you love hearts, flowers, and/or all things pink and red. Download these apps for a touch of romance today and all year round.

AppList: Apps For Valentine's Day

Just in case you missed it, here is our collection of favorite Valentine's Day apps to make your day even more special for you and your significant other. These apps can help you plan a date, write poetry, buy flowers and chocolate, send an e-card and more. Happy Valentine's Day!

QuickAdvice: Send Unique Messages This Valentine's Day With LoveLetters

Valentine's Day is creeping up on us, and if you're still looking for a unique way to swoon your crush or share some friendly cheer, LoveLetters could be worth checking out.

QuickAdvice: Be Prepared This Year With Valentine 2011

Need help with Valentine's Day? Valentine 2011 contains everything you need for a romantic Valentine's Day. From useful tips, to tasty recipes, you're sure to find everything you need.