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vampire rush

Hack-N-Slash Meets Tower Defence In Chillingo's Vampire Rush HD

Vampire Rush HD is part a hack ‘n slash dungeon crawler part tower defense game and the combination works. So do the rich bright graphics, the controls and all the little details that went into this killer new game.

Chillingo Unleashes 3D Tower Defense Game Vampire Rush

If you are a fan of tower defense or hack 'n slash games you should be in for a treat. Chillingo is releasing a hybrid title called Vampire Rush with an iPad HD and standard version.

Chillingo Announces Their Spring Games Line-Up

Chillingo, a top publisher of iOS apps, has announced their upcoming games line-up for spring 2011. Teamed up with a few top developers and some newcomers, these "coming soon" titles are looking to make their memorable splash on iDevice gamers everywhere.