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Viber updated with new 3D Touch shortcuts, iPad multitasking and more

Viber, the popular messaging and voice-calling app, has just received a major update on iOS, thereby gaining several notable improvements.

Wink, wink: Viber takes on Snapchat with new ephemeral messaging app

Most notably, the latest update to Viber for iOS adds support for Viber Wink, Viber’s new answer to Snapchat.

Viber now lets you attach files, delete messages and more

Use Spotlight Search, delete messages, and attach files with an update to this popular communications app.

Now you can write more and say it all with the updated Viber

Easier communication and sharing are in your hands with this app’s new version.

Viber gets enhanced spam handling on iOS

Viber is now better equipped to deal with those pesky spammers.

Turn 'Inside Out' with a new Viber update

The popular messaging app has added link previews, a number of animated stickers, and more.

Updated: Viber instant messaging arrives on iPad

The popular instant messaging app has finally come to the iPad, but it's not all roses and puppy dogs.

Hidden iPhone storage hogs: a quick guide to managing IM apps

Beware of hidden space hogs on your phone. Manage those instant messaging apps by managing storage settings and more.

Viber messaging app now optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Viber has finally been optimized for the latest generation of Apple’s smartphones.

Viber messaging app expands platform to integrate with mobile games

The popular messaging app Viber has just been updated with support for Viber Games.

Viber messaging app updated with Public Chats for both participants and followers

Viber has just been updated with support for Public Chats.

Viber update ushers in interactive notifications and other goodies for iOS 8 users

Version 5.1 of the app also offers a share extension.

Viber finally gains support for video calling on iOS as it gets updated to version 5.0

Viber has just been updated with new features, including one that has been a long time coming.

Popular Messaging App Viber Gets An iOS 7 Makeover

Users can now also send multiple photos and videos at the same time.

Popular Skype Rival Viber Acquired By Rakuten For $900 Million

Viber has been acquired by the Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten for $900 million.

Viber 4.1 Features New Stickers And Official Launch Of Viber Out Calling Service

Viber is set to be updated to version 4.1, thereby gaining more stickers and, more importantly, launching a significant new feature.

Viber 4.0 Introduces Sticker Market, Push-To-Talk And Other New Features

Viber has finally gone freemium as it has begun selling stickers following its latest update, which pushes the popular messaging app to version 4.0.

Viber Messaging App Updated With Doodling Feature, 'Seen' Status Indicator And More

Viber, one of the most popular cross-platform messaging apps, has just received another significant update on iOS.

Viber 3.0 Launches With Support For All-New Viber Desktop For Mac And PC

The immensely popular messaging and VoIP app Viber has just been updated to version 3.0.

Viber Has Just Become Chattier With New Group Messaging Feature

One of the most notable VoIP apps to give Skype a run for its money, Viber has today been updated with a much-awaited feature and then some.

Viber Is Back To Take On Skype With New Text Messaging Feature

The popular VoIP app for iPhone and iPod touch, Viber, recently got updated to version 2.0. The new version brought a variety of cool, handy features - like a free instant messaging service, speed improvements, and bug fixes. However, shortly after being updated, Viber's developers pulled the application from the App Store due to "unforeseen tech difficulties." Fortunately for Viber fans, the app is now back in the App Store, updated and better than ever.

Viber Hits 10 Million Downloads – Will Add Texting & Other Platforms

Great news from Viber HQ; according to Techcrunch, the free VoIP service that launched just two months ago has hit 10 million downloads in the App Store. Viber is starting to become an ever-growing threat for Skype on the iOS platform. A feat as remarkable as this is hard to achieve in such a short period of time.

Viber Updated: Still Great, Still Free, And Still No Catch

Viber, the awesome VoIP application for iOS, has recently been updated. A variety of improvements and bug fixes have been made, but most importantly, the service is still completely free to use.

Five Days And A Million Users Later, Viber Is Taking Over The iOS VoIP Space

Regardless of how good it is, a network needs to achieve critical mass to become of any major interest, especially when its goal is to connect people. For that very reason, we had our doubts when Viber hit the App Store last week. So far, it's doing quite well, and the traction it's getting is quite incredible. Check it out.