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Ahead of Apple’s Beats Music revamp, Spotify adds videos and podcasts to the mix

Along with a original content, subscribers now can view video clips from ABC, BBC, Comedy Central, Condé Nast Entertainment, ESPN, and more.

Let the commentary commence with Twicer, a smart video app for iOS

Twicer makes it easier than ever for users to add narrative to captured video.

Create videos with famous people using Virtuacast

A new Kickstarter campaign hopes to let you record yourself with virtual holograms.

Broadcast live video to your Twitter stream with Meerkat for iOS

Meet Meerkat: a smart app that makes it easier than ever to broadcast live video to Twitter.

Get the best in streaming video with these apps on your iPad

Catch up on your favorite shows with these apps.

Impressive Replay video editor for iPad launches later today

Replay, an impressive video editor for iPad, is launching on the App Store later today.

Add stunning 3-D objects to your photos with Matter from Pixite

Creating unique images with 3-D objects has never been easier thanks to Matter.

Cydia Tweak: How To Perform Quick Media Searches On Your iOS Device

MoreInfo is an Activator extension that jailbreakers should consider taking for a spin.

AppAdvice Daily: Today We Focus On The Best New Apps Of The Week

It's time to focus on using the best new apps of the week.

AVPlayer Adds Dropbox And Google Drive Powered Cloud Streaming

AVPlayer and AVPlayerHD have received a useful update enabling cloud-powered streaming.

Vine Update Introduces Private Messaging For Text And Video

Twitter adds private video messaging to Vine.

Cydia Tweak: VideoGestures Adds Useful Swipe Controls To iOS Video Playback

VideoGestures is a clever new package that can add gestures to playing video.

For Brits, Lovefilm Instant Is About To Morph Into Prime Instant Video

Big changes are about to hit Amazon Prime in Britain.

AppAdvice Daily: New Video Apps To Fight Over

Get ready to duke it out over video, and create the perfect loops. We have two new video apps you don't want to miss.

AppAdvice Daily: Apple News, Apple Rumors And One Must Have App Download

The Apple iTunes Festival has been announced, an Apple patent filing from 2008 is making headlines, and a must have charitable app.

Infuse 2 Updated To Add Video Downloads, Improved Streaming And More

Infuse 2 has just received an update that regular users will appreciate.

AppAdvice Daily: Voyzee - Get Creative With Photos And Video

If you're looking for a new way to share your photos and videos, Voyzee might be the answer.

BBC To Take On iTunes, Netflix With A New On-Demand Video Service Of Its Own

The BBC is set to launch an impressive on-demand video streaming service of its own.

Capture Short Clips And Turn Them Into Stories With Gloup

Capture 1-second snippets of moments in your life and collaborate with your friends to make longer stories.

Dish Anywhere Will Soon Include Content Transferring For All iOS Devices

Dish Network consumers have something to celebrate.

Hulu Heavyweights Tease The Fremont Project

The former Hulu CEO is working on The Fremont Project.

Direct Your Own Creative Videos With Directr

Directr is a slick app that helps you create fun videos with storyboard ideas.

The Horror, The Horror: Auto-Playing Videos To Appear In Facebook's Mobile Apps

Facebook is set to bring a dreadful feature to its iOS application.