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video chat

Facebook Messenger video chat is now available almost worldwide

The new video chat feature in Facebook's messaging app is now available to most, but not all, of the world.

Reach Out And See Someone With These Video Calling Apps

Take phone calls to the next level with these video calling apps.

New ooVoo Update Brings 12-Way Video Calling To Your iOS Device

The newly updated ooVoo Video Chat app offers users the chance to have video chats with 11 of their friends.

New App Brings Great Texas Hold'Em Poker Experience For iPad Owners

I've played games of poker on my iPhone and iPad before, and always feel that - for better or worse - one of the major downsides to playing in the "virtual realm" is that you can't read your opponent's face, spy their "tells" or see them sweat under pressure. However, one new iPad app has changed all of this - it's called Full Deck Hold'Em, and unlike other poker apps, this one boasts a video chat feature.

TinyChat Lets You Video Call Up To 12 Facebook Friends Right From Your iPhone

Want to connect through video with your Facebook friends? Don't wait on Facebook, there is now an app for that.

Facebook To Announce Skype-Powered In-Browser Video Chat Next Week?

In a recent source-fuelled report by Michael Arrington of TechCrunch, it is suggested that Facebook will unveil a new video chat feature next week, which will work in-browser as part of the social network and will be powered by Skype.

Can FaceTime Improve Your Health?

While Apple continues to douse us with heartwarming videos of the many uses of FaceTime, two surgeons have found a very important professional use for it. Could Apple's iPhone actually mean better medical care?

Reach Out And Touch... FaceTime?

[ipodtouch1] The iPhone's baby brother, the iPod touch, always gets an update a few months after the iPhone. Rumors are already circulating about what new features we may see, and some recent images suggest that Facetime is one of them.

Fring Brings 3G Video Bling

Even if the limit is only temporary, many who are trying out FaceTime are frustrated by its inability to work on anything other than Wi-Fi. Fring has updated its app and now offers free video calling, even over 3G.

WWDC 2010: FaceTime Video Calls Coming To The iPhone

Steve Jobs announced FaceTime, a video calling feature, will be arriving for the iPhone.